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{Lust List} Let’s Get Wallpapered!





Stained Charcoal Brick | Indulgence Turquoise | Antique World Map From 1777 | Eight Studies Of Wildflowers

You know I love patterns. I can’t get enough, so naturally I want to wallpaper my whole house. I love all the options at Wallpapered. They have a whole textures section with brick, wood planks, and concrete. There’s also a new maps section that includes antique maps and even a customized local map. Plus, they work with designers to offer pretty patterns like the turquoise one above by Yuyu. I also love how you can even upload your own patterns or pictures! How neat would it be to have such personalization in your home? Check out their Facebook, Twitter, and design blog for more ideas.

Which would you choose?

Note: This post is written in partnership with Wallpapered. All words and opinions are my own. Posts like these help us provide colorful inspiration to all you lovelies. Thanks for tuning in!

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Daydream In Maps


1 – Map Thermos ($24) | 2 – Tangram Map Postcards ($15/15) | 3 – Paris Map Locket ($39) | 4 – Concrete Trivet ($8) | 5 – Corkboard Map ($48) | 6 – Subway Map Bowtie ($54) | 7 – Crumpled City Maps ($20) | 8 – You’re Great Poster ($40) | 9 – Map Magnets ($12/4) | 10 – City Quilt ($450) | 11 – Map Print Tunic Dress ($100) | 12 – Map Pillow ($52)

After working many a weekends this month with more to go, A & I have the travel bug like no other. We just want to fly away somewhere and escape for a while. Luckily we have a Mexico trip planned with some of my best pals in August.

You may also not know that I had a really crazy globe collecting phase. It’s over now, but the entire collection is all over the house. It’s kind of ridic. I will always have a soft spot for maps. They are just so interesting and seeing how they’ve changed through the years. So, let’s daydream in maps today! I love that Topshop dress!

If you’re after even more, check out this globetrotting lust list.

PS: I’m trying this new thing with the numbers. Is it easier to find the link you’re looking for?

Are you into maps?

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Daydream In Pressed Flowers

Skull Print ($15) | Cube Earrings ($39) | Studio Sign ($50) | Washi Tape ($15.50) | Rug ($19) | Candle ($6) | Switchplate ($9) | Scarf ($62) | Tray ($15) | Red Resin Bangle ($44) | Blouse ($60) | Mt. Rainer Flower Map ($25)

As the summer continues going strong, wildflower hills are slowly becoming golden fields. I remember how I used to love picking a few blooms each year and leave them in the pages of books I was reading in hopes of keeping them around forever. I thought I’d find some pretty pressed flower goodies so that these pretty colorful petals may live on.

Do you like pressed flowers? Have you ever pressed your own?

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{Color Inspiration} Giveaway: Vintage Style Canvas Map

 This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for your participation.

One of my favorite recent trends have been maps. They’re useful, colorful, and the perfect accent to any room. I was inspired by these detailed maps from Swift Maps printed with 100 year UV ink onto museum quality cotton canvas. They were done by some of the best cartographers in the US and features a modern world map with a vintage feel. I thought this would be a fun giveaway dedicated to the {Color Inspiration} post featured on Daydream In Color every Sunday. If you win, hopefully you’ll be inspired by this wall map to travel, spread your color love, or conquer the world with your creativity!

Note: You will be winning an unframed 24″ tall x 36″ wide canvas world map print.


  • Leave a comment with where’d you hang your new vintage style canvas map.


Feel free to use to the following tweet:
#GIVEAWAY TIME! Win a museum quality Vintage Style Canvas Wall Map from  at @daydreamincolor! http://lb.vg/7h30V

This giveaway is open to US residents only and closes on Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at 12PM PST.

Good luck!

Stay tuned to colorful giveaways all week long!

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Daydream in Watercolor

When I was in elementary school, I started taking watercolor classes. It was one of the few classes I took in my parents’ attempt to stimulate my brain that really stuck with me. It was held in the upstairs of a bright yellow wood building labelled “Ned’s Deli.” The mom and pop that owned the place rented out the upper level for our classes. I remember looking forward to every Saturday afternoon and the cookies my classmates and I would go buy downstairs that spoiled our appetite! We painted flowers, scenery, and learned techniques. It was such an escape even as a little kid. I still have a huge stack of paintings I had done when I was a kid and I think I was better then than I would be now!

To this day, the beauty of watercolor still strikes a chord with me. Something about how you have to paint with no abandon because once that paintbrush hits the paper, there’s no undoing or erasing. It just is. Also, in life, it wasn’t until graduating college that I was confident enough to embrace the boldness in color of other types of painting and even in clothes. I was always that shy girl in the corner that spoke and acted in the often softer colors of watercolors. I’ve noticed the use of watercolor blending with design nowadays. I’m loving this trend! I love the mix of it with typography and its subtle sweetness it adds to everything.

What do you think? Do you prefer lighter or brighter colors?