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Daydream In Aqua & Neon Yellow


Matchstick Diamond Sham ($18-22) | Colorblock Utility Shirt ($66) | Ivory Spotted Bandeau Dress (£76) | Sperry Audrey Boat Shoe ($48) | Aqua and Neon Yellow Tassel Earrings ($25) | Perfect Dot Lounge Pants ($58) | Multi Bead Bracelet Set ($8.31) | The Wild Thing bareMinerals Eyeshadow ($30) | Sasha Skirt (Girls) ($36)

The neon trend has been keeping its staying power and recently I’m loving the pairing of neon yellow with one of my all time faves – aqua. It’s a light hearted combo that has me daydreaming of sunny skies.

Do you like the combo of aqua and neon yellow?

Art Color Design DIY Home Decor Patterns

{Color Inspiration} Studio Boot’s IXXI Pattern Wall Tiles

I’m a big fan of graphic patterns with geometric shapes because they’re so simple and bold. I love the idea of making my own pattern on the wall with these wall tiles by Studio Boot from IXXI available in a pink and yellow set (€149 each). Each piece is printed with different colors on each side and it’s up to you to arrange them however you want. There are so many possibilities! They also do custom photos and mosaics that are also really fun! The squares would be perfect for instagram photos (follow me: daydreamincolor) !

Do you like the idea of wall tiles? How would you arrange yours?

Color Design Food Party

{Collecting Rainbows} Colored Glass Bottles

In the summer months, it’s always important to keep hydrated. I usually forget until I’m about to run someone over to ge to the nearest water. These bright colored glass bottles from Dean & Deluca ($12) would surely remind me! They’d be extra yummy filled with rosemary water!

What color of the rainbow would you choose?

Color Fashion Photography

{Color Inspiration} It Was All A Technicolor Dream


Photos and lookbook via Nasty Gal

Eye-catching neons and smoke signals. All things I love. Not sure if I can pull off these looks, but it would sure be fun trying!

Are you mixing neon into your wardrobe?

DIY Paper Printables

{Freebie Friday} Neon Yellow Floral Mother’s Day Card

My mom is a lucky duck travelling through Europe right now giving lectures and enjoying her time there, so I won’t get to see her this Mother’s Day. I thought it’d be nice to send her a card so it’s waiting for her when she gets back though. I was inspired by the Daydream In Neon Yellow post and decided to doodle some flowers in this bright hue for this card.

If you’re more into hearts, check out last year’s card.


  • Template
  • Card stock
  • Scissors
  • Optional: 6 1/2″ square envelope


  1. Click on template below to open.
  2. Print on card stock.
  3. Cut along solid lines and fold along dahsed lines.
  4. Write your lovely message and send off in an envelope!


This week we’ve:

How will you be celebrating Mother’s Day this year?

Color Fashion Home Decor Patterns

Daydream In Neon Yellow

Zest Glass Pitcher ($23) | Carrera Champion Aviator Sunglasses ($145.43) | Eco Highlighter Pencil ($2) |  | nOir Jewelry Highlighter Bracelet ($120) | Neon Belt Bag ($15) | Velvet Torch Stripe Scoop Back Dress ($44) | Paul Smith Skinny Belt ($125.44) | Baby ‘Dalton’ Desert Bootie ($37) | Juicy Couture Gianna Striped Flat Espadrille Shoes ($272.69) | Atelier Biagetti Couch via Design Sponge

The neon craze has been here for a while and I’ve always loved the neon pinks and electric blues, but I have to admit that I never thought I’d have a thing for neon yellow. Recently, I just can’t get it out of my mind! Maybe it’s my deprevation of sunshine or maybe seeing it in stripe form. I don’t know, but I’m so hooked. What about you? Do you love neon yellow?

If you’re hooked, you’ll enjoy this color memory post.

PS: I’m going to try out a simpler “Daydream In” format. Let me know what you think!

Color Travel

{Color Palette} Holi Hands

Holi also known as Festival of Colors is a religious spring festival celebrated by Hindus. It celebrates the end of the winter season. It hasn’t felt like the end of the winter season in the Pacific Northwest until recently, so I thought it was the perfect time to admire their beautifully colorful celebration. The vibrant powder is scented and thrown at each other in the streets.

Photo via Glorious Silence

Have you heard of or experienced Holi festivities?

Color Nature Photography

{Color Palette} Neon Volcano

Photo from Holy Friend via Anna Garforth

Have you ever visited a volcano?

Color Design Fashion Food Home Decor Photography

Daydream In Electric Blue

With the start of the new year, I have unknowingly surrounded myself in all things electric blue. A’s birthday was Wednesday and I got him a cute electric blue screenprinted card when we visited my friend’s parents’ in Eugene at their B&B McKenzie Orchards. Then, I just started using my new 2012 moleskine planner for my blog which also happens to be an electric blue. I didn’t realize this bright color was slowly dominating my paper goods. I thought it’d be the perfect chance to see what other goodies I could find in this bold hue.

Top to bottom & left to right:

Do you like electric blue?

Color Fashion

{Color Memory} Neon Yellow Skirt & Nail Polish

{Neon Yellow Skirt with Button Up Shirt} Via Theory in Transit & {Neon Yellow Nail Polish} $6 from American Apparel

How are you embracing neon yellow?