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DIY Paper Printables

{Freebie Friday} Crest Monogram Note Cards


Inspired by yesterday’s Daydream In Crests post, I wanted to make each your own personal “family” crest note cards. I nabbed the color palette from the Daydream In Midnight post and went to work! Hope you like it! By the way, if blue and green are more up your alley, you’ll might like this monogram stationery.



  • Template
  • Printer
  • Cardstock
  • If mailing, A2 Envelopes


  1. Click desired monogram crest to open.
  2. Print on cardstock.
  3. Cut along solid lines and fold along dotted lines or in half.
  4. Write your special message and send off in an envelope!






















































What will you use your crest monogram note cards for?

DIY Nature Paper Printables

{Freebie Friday} Cherry Blossom Notecards


In honor of yesterday’s Daydream In Cherry Blossoms post, I’ve made some little cherry blossom notecards to spread the spring love. They’re available in both a blank and “Hellow Spring!” version.



  • Template
  • Printer
  • Cardstock
  • A2 envelopes, if mailing


  1. Click on desired template below to open.
  2. Print onto cardstock.
  3. Cut along solid lines and fold along dotted lines (or fold each card in half).
  4. Write your message and place in an envelope to mail.






What will you use these cherry blossom cards for?

Fashion Home Decor Nature Paper Patterns

Daydream In Hippos

Wire Hippo Card ($11) | Bamboo Hippo Wall Clock ($68) | Hippo Print Scarf ($5) | Hippo Ring ($95) | Hippo Candle ($5) | Hippo Doormat (¥18,900) | Ceramic Hippo Factory ($25) | Needle Felted Hippo ($15) | Hippo Planter ($19) | Hippo Print Thermal ($50) | Hippo Messenger Bag ($72)

We got an Oregon Zoo membership over the summer and have been trying to frequent there to take pictures, relax, and enjoy the animals. One of our favorites are the hippos. They are huge. Much bigger than I’d imagine and they just sit there wet from their last swim and lounge in the sun. It’s super adorable and reminds me of hungry hungry hippos. I wanted to dedicate a post to these plump and cute creatures.

Do you like hippos?

Color Fashion Home Decor Paper Party Patterns

Daydream In Green WIth Black & White Stripes

Party Setting | Rouge And Whimsy Clutch ($19) | Kate Spade Folders ($15) | Headband ($14) | Boatneck Top & Kelly Green Jeans | Wedding Bouquet | Dining Room | Kate Spade Stationery ($26) | Skirt | Zebra Pillow ($80)

As you can tell from my website, black and white with pops of color are my fave. So, when I started noticing green paired with black and white stripes I couldn’t wait to share with you. It has a classy and even preppy feel to it that just draws me in.

Do you like green paired with black and white stripes?

Fashion Home Decor Paper

Daydream In Gilded Wings

Jessica Robinson Angel Wing Choker | Gold Chariots of Fire Wings ($185) | CC Skye Gold Wings Ring | Vintage United Airlines Hat ($495) | Greek Sandals (€150) | Empire Wing Chair | Embossed Paper Wings ($.97) | Sequinned Stuffed Wing | Wing Stationery Set

I’m not sure why, but I’m very drawn to gold wings. Maybe it’s because back in my middle school / AOL AIM days I had angel in my screenname (so embarrassing!) or maybe it was my obsession over Greek mythology days in college when I plastered thoughtful quotes all over my studio walls. Maybe just because they’re pretty and give me a reason to daydream in the clouds. I’m not sure, but let’s daydream together in fluttery gilded wings.

Do you like gilded wings?

Art Color Design Fashion Food Home Decor Paper Party Sweets

Daydream In Pink And Yellow

Scarfshop Scarf ($80) | MN&Co Yeah Notecards ($7) | Pendant Wedding Cake  | Macarons  | Pink & Yellow Door| Pink & Yellow Room | Glass Wing Butterfly Print ($30)

I’ve been loving the bright and pastel variations of this color combo lately. It reminds me of strawberry lemonade, flowers, and sherbet. I think they are definitely new colorblock pals!

Do you like pink and yellow together?

Fashion Home Decor Nature Paper

Daydream In Foxes

Fox Head Necklace ($187) by Alkemie Jewelry | Sly Fox Knocker ($124) | Antony Price Fox Bow Tie via The Jungle Line (similar purple & dark versions) | Wooden Brooch ($21.86) by Shara Lambeth Designs via Indie Pretty ProjectsLetterpress Card Set ($11.25) by Sweet Harvey | Monty The Fox Plush ($66) by Sara Carr via Little White WhaleHidden Fox Teacup ($21.95) | Trivet ($40) by Pepper Sprout Designs via Little White Whale | Floral Fox Laptop Bag ($40) by Track and Field Designs | Origami Foxes by Dinh Giang via Upon A Fold

Furry animals are one of my many weaknesses. Foxes are no different and the fact that some of them are such a pretty orange hue make them even more likeable! I’m daydreaming in all things fox today. Join me!

Do you like foxes?

Color Design Fashion Home Decor Paper Vintage

Daydream In Pastel Yellow

Dresser from Martha Stewart | Clay Rose Earrings by Flora Jewelry Shop($23) | Lauren by Ralph Lauren Crop Pants ($89.50) | Parker Jotter Pen ($7) | Land of Happy Card from Sign Fail ($4) | Vintage Metal Bread Box from Bridgewood Place | Pleated Dip Hem Skirt ($56) via Lifetime Moms | Yellow Condiment Spoon ($2) | Yellow Tea on the Go Cup ($20) | George 3 Leather Flats (£49)

I’m not sure why, but I’ve always loved pastels. Maybe because I’ve always had a soft spot for the 50′s. You can imagine my excitement when I saw that pastels were on their way in this season. I thought I’d start off with pastel yellows, which are way more fun than just for baby showers at which you don’t know the gender yet! Love it especially paired with bright white and patterns.

Do you like pastel yellow?

Art DIY Fashion Home Decor Paper Patterns Vintage

Daydream In Cross Stitch


Vela Cross Stitched Collar and Sweater Clip ($50) | 1950s Cross Stitch Day Dress ($158) | Indiska Cross Stitch Plates via Frau Haselmayer | Cross Stitch Wooden Blank Disc ($7.50)| Stitchin’ Bee Embroidery Kit ($50) | Vintage Stitched Pumps ($36) | Cross Stitch Sampler Letter Set ($11.50) | Cross Stitch Felt Necklace ($18.60) | Finding You Cross-Niche Tee ($39.99) |  | Aldo Mellison Printed Wedge T-Bar Sandals ($107.43) | Light Switch Plate Cover ($8.50) | Skinny Cross Stitch Belt ($28) | Cross Stitch Heart ($75) | Cross Stitch iPhone Case Kit

In an elementary school summer school class is where I learned to cross stitch. It was the perfect craft to keep our little kid hands busy. I even remember meeting my childhood penpal in that class. We kept in touch all the way through high school and we shared many kid secrets, fears, and exciting moments through hand written letters every week. We originally bonded over this old timey craft and I’m delighted to still see it every where. Revived into a cool new trend even!

Do you like to cross stitch? Do you like the motif on objects other than fabric?

DIY Food Paper Patterns Printables

{Freebie Friday} The 10 Best Of Year One

The {Freebie Friday} feature has been one of the most work, but most fun since starting this blog. I am no graphic designer, but I just love creating templates and designs for my own use and it’s even more great that you enjoy them too. On my recent trip home, I found box templates I had hand drawn and photocopied at Kinko’s onto card stock in high school to make graduating gifts for all my fellow classmates (I went to a relatively small school). I don’t think I had any idea I’d be still loving and doing the same thing so many years later, but now sharing them with fellow creative people all over the world.

Here is a roundup of my favorite and most popular in year one of Daydream In Color:

1. Flat Paper Bag Template & Floral Bags

2. Bonjour Monsieur Note Cards

3. Let’s Picnic! and Let’s Do This! Checklists

4. Raindrop Pattern Paper & Umbrella Mobile Tutorial

5. Bookmark Templates

6. Mad About Plaid Floral Note Cards

7. Colorful Reminder Alphabets


8. Citrus Labels and Tags

9. Striped Paper Sailboats

10. Lavender Simple Syrup Recipe & Label

What was your favorite Freebie Friday post this year?