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Color Fashion Paper

Daydream In Hot Pink


Neon Leather Journal ($14) | Tropic Nights Chandelier Earrings ($28) | Cateye Reading Glasses ($38) | Budding Neon Necklace ($58) | Lace & Chiffon Dress ($128) | Diane von Furstenberg Lips Wristlet ($95) | Donald J Pliner Molly Pump ($228)

Although I don’t claim pink as my favorite color, I can’t resist its girly charm. Hot pink has my heart lately (neon pink and blush still has a piece of it too). As we’re trying to figure out color palettes for the house, pops of pink are never far from my mind (much to the chagrin of A).

What shade of pink is catching your eye lately?

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{Collecting Rainbows} Sense & Nonsense Notebook

This Sense & Nonsense notebook is just what I need to jot down my soon to be garden notes. How cute are those rainbow ribbon bookmarks! We planted 4 fruit trees this weekend (pear, apple, cherry, and plum). They’re all semi-dwarfs with at least 3 different varieties grafted on so it’s self-pollinating. We kind of took over the lawn in parts of the yard, which A is nervous about, but once they start growing and we’re eating apples from our yard I think he’ll be convinced it’s awesome! I still have 6 (I didn’t realize there were two varieties in a bag) blueberry bushes to plant. I’m really pumped!

What would you write down in your journal?

Fashion Home Decor Nature Paper

Daydream In Zebras

Zebra Bust ($68) | Letterpress Zebra Coasters ($14) | Zebra Necklace (£12) | Marc Jacobs iPhone 4 Julio Case ($48) | Orange Zebra Scarf ($17) | Zebra Wallpaper ($395) | Pink Zebra Notebook (€66) | Zebra Salt & Pepper Shakers ($19) | Zebra Woven Tunic ($68)

Looking through my half unpacked closet, I was trying to see what I might actually be for Halloween this year. I realized I had a lot of black and white stripes in shirt, dress, and sweater form. Suddenly ideas of becoming a zebra seemed likely. I’ll probably need some ears, mask, and a tail, but these all seem very DIY-able. In the mean time, I’ll be daydreaming in zebras.

Do you like zebras?

Fashion Travel

{Lust List} Globetrotting

Brass Compass Necklace ($24) | Travel Journal Kit ($41) | Mapmaking Wedges ($153) | Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffle Bag ($79) | Kate Spade Ear Buds ($40)

It’s been a couple of years since I took a trip overseas. I love travelling and learning about different cultures and spending time with my friends somewhere new. With all the things that have been going on here lately, I’ve been itching to run away somewhere for even a couple of days to rejuvenate. I’d definitely want to bring these goodies along for the ride!

What’s your favorite place you’ve travelled to?

Color Fashion Home Decor Paper Party Patterns Vintage

Daydream In Aquamarine

Superior Servers Slotted Spoon ($38) | Vintage Hazel Atlas Aqua Cup ($6) | Printed Bow Headband ($10) | Kate Spade Colored Stone Stud Earrings ($38) | Burberry Prorsum Clutch ($696) | Belted Lace Dress (£45) | Happ & Stahns 1842 Rosa Alba Parfum Tear Catcher ($30) | Clover Planner from Poketo ($26) | Classic Dottie Rug ($99-499) | Home Sweet Home Peep-Toes ($148) | Vespa Photo by meeshiemoshie | Striped Paper Straws ($8/50)

On a recent trip to Boise, Idaho, I got really caught up with all the colored denim at the newly opened Nordstrom Rack. I was seriously debating how many to buy. With my luggage as a restriction, I had to limit it to one aquamarine pair. I’ve been dreaming up outfits ever since. My eye keeps wandering to all things in mint’s bluer and brighter cousin. I thought I’d bring you along for the ride in that adorable aquamarine Vespa, of course!

Do you like aquamarine?

Color Fashion Home Decor Paper

Daydream In Rose

You may already know this, but in case you don’t. I love pink and more recently bright pink in a rosy hue. Here are some of my favorite rose finds lately. Also, if you are a big pink fan, you may want to check out the Daydream In Dusty Rose, Daydream In Rose GoldDaydream In Pink & Red, and an old Daydream In Neon Pink posts.



(Top to Bottom & Left to Right) Ban.do Pop Flower ($75) | Split Stripes Scarf ($150) | Leather Flower Hook ($14) | J.Crew Tulle Backpack ($60) | MAC ‘Sheen Supreme’ Lipglass ($19) | DV by Dolce Vita ‘Bridgette’ Pump ($99) | Cooperative Canvas Pouch ($14) | Pinks Mums/Batik/Crinkle Journals ($19/3) | Satin Sheet Set ($40)

Do you like rose?

Color Design Fashion Food Paper

Daydream In Pink and Red

Pink is just that much more daring and bright paired with red. I love the graduation in color and the extra pop. Here are some of my favorite finds lately. (PS: Since it’s my birthday I snuck in a little “C” Lulu Frost necklace that I’ve had my eye on!)




Top to bottom and left to right:

Do you like the combination of pink and red?

Color Paper Patterns

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Giveaway: Rifle Paper Co. Botanicals Notebook Collection


This giveaway is now closed.

I’ve been wishing I was Rifle Paper Co. since the moment I was turned onto their whimsy, colorful, and beautifully illustrated work! They’ve been featured multiple times on Daydream In Color such as this color memory post and this daydream in olive post. I bought this botanicals notebook collection when it first came out and I loved them so much that I bought them again for you! I love all three different designs and I’m especially fond of the gold foiled “NOTEBOOK” on the cover of each one.


  • Leave a comment with what you’d record in your new Rifle Paper Co. Botanical Notebook Collection.


Feel free to use to the following tweet:
#GIVEAWAY TIME! Win a @RiflePaperCo Botanical Notebook Set at @daydreamincolor! http://tinyurl.com/7e3nfx6

This giveaway is open internationally and closes on Saturday, February 11, 2012 at 12AM PST.

Good luck!

Stay tuned for more colorful giveaways through the week! Don’t forget to enter the other four giveaways going on right now:

(PS: Daydream In Color is not affiliated with the shop or maker of this product. I’m simply holding a giveaway of things I love to share my appreciation of each and every one of you!)

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Daydream In Marble

You know I love me some pretty patterns and bright colors, so it shouldn’t be any shock to you how much I love seeing marble pop up all over. The fun part about marble is that is can totally make a bold statement or just add a bit of interest because it can be almost graphic in use or flowy and watercolor-esque. Being a pisces, I love it when patterns can go with the flow of the situation and need. Enjoy the finds below!

Top to bottom and left to right:

Do you like the marbled look?

PS: Get ready for a week of giveaways to celebrate our one year blogiversary starting this Saturday!

Color Fashion Paper

Daydream In Maroon

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s hard not to daydream about warm and rich colors like maroon. Its reddish hue with a slight purple hinge makes me cozy just thinking about it. I thought I’d dedicate a short and sweet post in its honor.

Top to bottom and left to right:

Do you like maroon?