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{Daydream In} Honey & Pumpkin For The Home


Illume Heirloom Pumpkin Glass Candle ($21.97) | Belvoir Fruit Farms UK Ginger Beer ($10) | Belvoir Fruit Farms UK Cranberry & Raspberry Presse Soda ($10) | Belvoir Fruit Farms UK Apple Plum Cinnamon Cordial ($15) | Papier Mache Wall Art ($199) | Geode Sun Catcher ($128-$328)| Sungrove Flower Bowl ($38) | Space Dye Leaf Pillows ($19.97) | Layla Wool Rug ($189-999)

It’s been a super hot summer here in the Northwest and we are ready to focus on the cooling temperatures of Fall. That along with our recent Kondo adventure, we are spending a lot of time indoors clearing the house of things that do not bring us joy. With all the fun 70s Fall trends popping up, I thought I’d share some finds that pair the trend with homewares. Honey and pumpkin give off the perfect Fall and 70s vibe. To top it all off, enjoy your new digs with some pretty cocktails made with that delicious sounding apple plum cinnamon cordial or the ginger beer and cranberry raspberry soda.

We have also been focusing our summer attention on home repairs. If you are in the UK and looking for some great tradesmen in your area, check out myjobquote.co.uk to connect to some reputable people. (Note: They are a Daydream In Color partner.)

Fashion Patterns Vintage

{Color Palette} Clad In Plaid And Tie


This adorable photoshoot inspired by Fantastic Mr. Fox is putting me in the mood for more plaid. Her awesome jacket is also reminding me of this jacket. This is also the perfect outfit for Halloween!

Are you a plaid fan?

Art Fashion

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Jessica Durrant




Pink BowDrops of Gold | Chevron Moment

{Jessica Durrant} Twitter | Shop | Instagram

I’m such a sucker for watercolor + fashion. As I was trying to figure out the perfect art for my office, I stumbled upon Jessica Durrant’s work. I’m loving all the bold colors and minimal details.

Are you a fan of fashion watercolors?

Color Travel Vintage

{Color Palette} Rookie Road Trip


Photo via Urban Outfitters

I’ve been dying to go on a road trip lately. I’m not sure why. A mini vacay with no destination and lots of memory making and picture taking along with way please! This vintage color palette has me thinking we should treasure hunt along the way too!

Have you taken a road trip lately?

Nature Travel Vintage

{Color Palette} Fields Of Orange


This beautiful photo via Sara Gossett reminds me of when my cousins and I visited the poppy fields as kids. I remember being so blown away as a kid at the pure intensity of color. I may need to find and share that photo soon.

Have you ever visited the poppy fields or wild flower fields nearby?

Color Fashion Home Decor Party Patterns

Daydream In Sunset Hues



Floral Headpiece | Crystalline Hair Ties ($24) | Summer Tote ($20) | Striped Wallpaper | Dark Pink Cushion (€138) | Color Pop Party Tassel ($26) | Pink Orange Wedding Inspiration | Glossy Lips | Pink Orange Skirt Outfit | Make It Beautiful Stop Motion By Erin Jang | Confetti Jumping Photo By Our Labor Of Love

With Summer Solstice on Friday, I’m thinking hot hot hot sunshine! I can’t seem to get these beautifully warm sunset hues out of my head. Deep pink to orange to yellows. They are really putting me in the summer mood. If you’re into this, you might also like the pink and yellow or pink and red combos too.

Do you like this color combo?

Color Fashion Party Photography

{Color Palette} Bows & Tulle


Photo via The Hiding Tree

There is a group of girls in Portland that we run into from time to time that call themselves cupcakes. They dress in really fancy Japanese anime/tea party style and go to events in a group. We spotted them once at ChocolateFest and another time at this bakery/cafe in Sellwood that’s done up a la Candyland. These are definitely some stocking I imagine they would go gaga for!

Do you like these little bow tights?

Nature Portland

{Color Palette} Crabby Mood

Photo by I_Van

The Portland Aquarium opened last weekend and we went to pet the stingrays and sharks. I got A’s parents a membership for Christmas and I can’t wait for them to explore it too! I used to wander in awe at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and wished I could stay for hours and stare at the jellyfish. I thought this color palette was perfect in celebration for our first visit!

Have you ever been to an aquarium?

Food Nature Photography

{Color Palette} Blue Crayfish

Photo by Jacques Strappe

A couple of months ago we headed to IKEA for inspiration and happened upon their yearly buffet. There were buckets of crawfish, swedish meatballs, and other delicious things. I’ve been craving crawfish, crayfish, lobster, and other yummy crustacean since! Anyone know where to get a good lobster roll?

What’s your favorite crustacean or do you not go there?

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{Color Palette} Warmth In A Blanket

Photo via Basics of Man

You know my love of blanket imagery. Since it’s really Fall, I’m falling in love all over again with the idea. Seeing such a picture automatically transports me to their place because being wrapped in the warmth of the blanket is so familiar and comforting.

Do you have a favorite blanket?