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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Leah Flores



Daydream-In-Color-Wish-I-Was-Wednesday-Leah-Flores-Let's Run-Away


Portland based Leah Flores is inspiring me with her hand lettering combined with retro feel photography for a match made in heaven. A and I used to get excited when we discovered a new place in the neighborhood and beyond and we’d just look at each other and say “Adventure!” (yes, we’re total dorks like that). I definitely need to order some prints, but which ones?

{Leah Flores} Society 6 Shop

Which is your fave?

Art Nature Photography

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Jason DeMarte





These works of art with photography by Jason DeMarte are playful yet are really thought-provoking. I love the mix of nature with consumer products we see every day.

{Jason DeMarte} Panacea Book

Which is your favorite?

Art Nature Photography

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Matt Molloy




{Matt Molloy} Prints | Digital Photo Technique Article

Aren’t these time lapse photos amazing? They look like paintings. I wish I could have a mural sized version in my house. The colors are just mesmerizing. With the recent summer heat, I feel like I can almost feel the colors coming through!

Which is your favorite? Have you ever tried time lapse photography?

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Daydream In Seagrass



Seagrass Pendant Light ($159) | Scalloped Seagrass 2-Tier Tray ($49) | Seagrass Wrapped Pitcher ($13) | Seagrass Tumblers ($23/4) | Seagrass Placemat ($24) | Seagrass Beehive Skeps ($26) | Seagrass Hawaiian Beach Mats ($30) | Oversize Seagrass Basket ($129) | Seagrass Straw Hat (£20) | Seagrass Linen Fragrance Diffuser (£18) | Seagrass Purse ($54) | Seagrass Cylinder Floor Lamp ($80) | Seagrass Hanging Basket ($15) | Seagrass Armchair ($499)

With Father’s Day on Sunday, we’re thinking of inviting A’s parents over for a BBQ. That plus the warm summer air is making me think of all things outdoors and coastal. That led me to all things seagrass and its cool and casual vibe. So, here’s some inspiration for spending a day outdoors with our dads!

PS: If you’re still in need of a Father’s Day card, check out this bowtie one and this pop card!

Are you a fan of seagrass?

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Daydream In Swings





Fabric Ribbon Swing | Swing Invitation photographed by Dave Robbins | Swing In Orange Room | Ribbon Adorned Swing photographed by Kristyn Hogan styled by Cedarwood Weddings Design Team | Living Room Swing Off Pipe | Bride & Groom On Swings photographed by Elle Jae Weddings | Dining Room Swing by Mork-Ulnes Design | Puppy Swing via Vogue | Girl On Swing | Pink Bride On Floral Swing

We’re hitting summer soon and I can’t help but dream of all the things I want to do outside! We’re planning to hit the river extra this year since we were house hunting last summer, eat lots of alfresco meals on the deck, and tend to my veggie garden. One of the things that has been on my wish list for a long time is a swing! We don’t quite have mature enough trees that I’d trust to swing off of, but maybe with time. In the mean time, I’m looking for all the swing inspiration I can get and maybe get one indoors!

Do you like swings? Do you have one incorporated into one of your rooms or backyard?

Art Nature

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Daniel Mackie




Watching all the wildlife in the backyard is one of the most fun things of spring (I’ve definitely seen my share of bird/squirrel wars now). That’s why I’m loving Daniel Mackie’s work. Influenced by printmakers of the Ukiyo-e period and navy tattoos, each of the creatures’ habitat are represented inside each animal.

{Daniel Mackie} Blog | Shop | Facebook | Twitter

What’s your favorite animal?

Color Nature Photography

{Color Palette} Morning Web


Photo by Maria T Pons

The amazing photo of dewdrops on a spider web have me wanting to take a stroll to notice and appreciate all the little things. Isn’t it just beautiful?

Do you take morning strolls?

Nature Photography

{Wish I Was Wed} Nicole Odemann




A little known fact about A & I is that we collect film cameras. In fact, with the new house, we’ve dedicated a room to our love of them. We’ve been spending the past month unpacking boxes to sort them into rangefinders, SLRs, toys, subminiature, and more. We just love the excitement of loading a fresh roll of film and getting photos back from the developers. These beautiful and nostalgic photos by Nicole Odemann are exactly what we dream of achieving when we go out shooting on the weekends. Check out her Flickr & portfolio too.

Color Nature Photography

{Color Palette} Bursts Of Pink


Photo by mcilrathf

I seriously can’t believe it’s almost the ides of March. Creamy yellow daffodils have sprung up in our front yard and Spring is a knockin’. Plant and gardening catalogs have me dreaming of what colors I could make my backyard. Right now I’m stuck on the beautifully brilliant shade of pink in this lovely photo.

Are you planning to plant anything this Spring?


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{Lust List} Garden Fever


Baby Blue Hose ($58) | DeWit Tulip Trowel ($42) | Wooden Plant Markers ($18) | Hudson Valley Seed Company Seed Sets ($15-18)

I’m not a gardener. In fact, I’m rather horrible at it. But, since buying a home, I have these grand dreams of having this amazing flower/fruit/vegetable garden. I know it’s crazy! I can’t help it though! All my relatives are amazing gardeners. We used to joke that my grandpa could spit a watermelon seed into the ground and a watermelon would start growing (I actually saw it grow outside our door). Plus, Living mag has me thinking I can be like Martha Stewart with her many acres of edibles and amazing plants. So, here I am still dreaming. Above are some seeds with amazing art that my bff gifted me as a housewarming. I’ve been planning my vegetable garden with them. The other pretties would surely help my chances of them sprouting don’t you think?

Do you garden?