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Food Partner Sweets

{Lust List} Les Cinq Amandes Colorful Confections


You know I have a fondness of all things colorful and these beautiful little candies by Les Cinq Amandes are no exception! They are so perfect in your girl’s favorite colors for Valentine’s Day or just for no reason at all. You can even create a custom gift. The color combos are endless and they have all sorts of fun flavors to choose from. The coated almonds are crunchy and delicious. The chocolate dragees are a shiny shell filled with chocolate. The little meringues are magical indeed! They crunch and then yield a soft creamy texture as it melts on your tongue. Everything is packaged with care so they’d also be the perfect wedding favor! I know I’m definitely looking into it for my own upcoming wedding.

I’m excited to offer our readers 10% off your next Les Cinq Amandes purchase! Use the code: HOLIDAY10

Try out all the colors and flavor combos. It’s so fun!

Note: This post is written in partnership with Les Cinq Amandes. They provided samples for me to try. All words and opinions are my own. Thanks for tuning in!


{Color Palette} Bundled Up With String


This adorable winter carnival image by Oleg Oprisco puts me in the mood to start my Christmas shopping! How cute are those packages.

Are you in the mood to start shopping?

DIY Paper Party

{Loved & Noted} DIY Paper Feathers, Paper Bows, & Simple Kraft Boxes


With the holidays coming up, my mind is swimming with wrapping possibilities.

These natural looking paper feathers by Lia Griffith are a cute option.

The cartoony and fun look of this DIY paper bow by How About Orange would be so perfect for my niece and nephew!

These sophisticated kraft boxes would look so prim and proper under the tree.

What’s inspiring your wrapping this year?

The {Loved & Noted} series touches on inspiration from creatives and fellow bloggers all over the world.

Art Design Vintage

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Brent Couchman





 {Brent Couchman} Shop

San Francisco based illustrator and designer, Brent Couchman, is making me itching to try my hand at hand lettering. His work’s vintage vibe is fun and fresh. I’m loving his work for Fossil as much as I’m loving his “fun” work!

Have you ever tried hand lettering?

Home Decor Party Sweets

{Lust List} Entertaining In Color Part Two


Linens By The Roll ($22-42) | Rainbow Nesting Mixing Bowls ($65) | Over The Rainbow Cupcake Liners ($9) | Rainbow Paper Straws ($3.52) | Retro Polka Dot Coasters ($23/4)

I’ve long been fascinated by these linens on a roll, but now that warmer weather may be around the corner, I’m figuring out what colors to choose. I have a set of these Zak bowls and I love how lightweight they are. Pouring flour into the mixer is no big feat as it is sometimes with glass or porcelain. The other goodies can be bought and pulled out one color at a time if rainbow isn’t your thing!

Read Entertaining In Color (part one) here.

What color of the rainbow would you choose?

DIY Paper Party Patterns

{Freebie Friday} Heart Flat Paper Bags

I love giving treats on Valentine’s Day because it gives me an excuse to use pink and red sparkly sugars. These little heart treat bags would be perfect for packaging up some sweet goodies to give out.



  • Template
  • Paper (plain copy or colored)
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive
  • Sticker or washi tape to seal the bag


  1. Click on desired template to open.
  2. Print on copy or colored paper.
  3. Cut along solid lines.
  4. Fold along dotted lines.
  5. Glue in grayed out area and press side flap together to adhere.
  6. Glue bottom flap and fold up to adhere.
  7. Fill with goodies & use a sticker or washi tape to seal!






If you are looking for bags, but hearts aren’t your thing? Looking for packaging ideas with these bags? No prob! Here are some others:

What will you fill these goody bags with?

Design Home Decor Nature Paper Patterns

Daydream In Birch

Birch Branch Wall Hooks ($12/2) | Birch Shadows Tapestry ($230) | Birch Bark Straws ($8) | Birch Bark Strips ($10) | Blue Birch Wrapping Paper ($12) | Birch Necklace ($130) | Birch Cup | Birch Votive Holder ($38) | Woods Wallpaper ($198) | Birch Storage Boxes ($30/4)

This may seem like a totally random thing to daydream about, but A and I just decided on a theme for the powder room last week. Snow white. We were inspired by our recent addiction to the show Once Upon A Time and the mayor/evil queen’s office. Since our decision, A and I chose a glossy espresso stain for the cabinets. My best friend visited Sunday and with her motivation, we started staining (it’s our first project and I was/am super nervous!). It’s been a slow process because of the drying between coats, but we’re loving how it’s coming along. Just three more coats on the cabinet door fronts! It’s definitely a lot more modern. We started searching for the perfect tree/birch wallpaper (there are lots), and suddenly I started noticing birch and its pretty snow white branches everywhere. I wanted to share with you because it’s perfect for white and woodsy holiday decor too.

Do you like the look of birch? Have you started any home improvement projects lately?

DIY Paper Party Vintage

{Color Palette} Box Full Of Surprises

Photo by Lobster And Swan via Oh, Hello Friend

I’ve always been a fan of little surprises. I love making small things and leaving them on people’s doorsteps or desks. This picture has me itching to make something beautiful. Plus, you can get vintage ribbon in my shop to package them oh so pretty!

Do you like making little surprise packages?

Food Party Patterns Sweets

Daydream In Sprinkles

Sprinkle Lips Photo | You Are Sweet by Alephunky | Anatomy Of A Cupcake via Black Eiffel | Sprinkles Wedding Cake by Cake Divas & Photo by Anna Page Photography | Sprinkles Cake Memory Game by Lesley Weiner via Design Work Life| Confetti Dipped Packages by Tokketok via Hip Hip Hooray! | Sprinkles In Spoon Photo | Sprinkles In Purse Photo via Rue Magazine

I’m basically a hoarder. I change what about every few months, but hoard I do. When I lived in Los Angeles, I used to spend my weekends at Surfas hoarding sprinkles like they were going out of fashion. You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. Hoarding in bulk is kind of the worst. I have a cabinet full of every color for every occasion you could possibly imagine to prove it. Naturally, I think of sprinkles for every party, bake sale, and celebration. Let’s hoard daydream together!

Do you like sprinkles? What’s your favorite kind?


DIY Food Paper Party Printables

{Make And Munch} Frilly Toothpicks & A Biscuit Sandwich

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so I thought I’d share one of my favorite indulgences. Breakfast in bed! There’s nothing quite like staying in those warm sheets especially with all the cold weather lately. This would be such a treat for your sweetie on Valentine’s Day. You could even do a brunch version of this with friends. Just set out a bunch of blankets and pillows and serve everyone on little trays. I love casual get togethers because everyone’s relaxed and more likely to have fun.

I wanted to debut a blog series today called Make & Munch. A fun craft to make and a delicious recipe to munch on. Pretty much my favorite activities ever. I have a quick tutorial for frilly toothpicks to go with a very simple breakfast sandwich recipe today.



  • Toothpicks
  • Crepe or tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive


  1. Cut a strip of crepe or tissue paper.
  2. Fold it in half several times (so you don’t have to make as many cuts).
  3. Cut frills into one side of the paper and leave the other side connected.
  4. Unfold your strip of paper.
  5. Cut a small piece of frilled paper and apply adhesive against the uncut side.
  6. Place your toothpick at the start of the paper and beginning rolling tightly onto the toothpick.
  7. Continue with the rest of your toothpicks to make as many as you need!


Click here for a printable tutorial!



  • 4 eggs
  • 1 avocado, soft to the touch
  • 1 tomato
  • 2 biscuits (packaged or homemade)
  • Mayo or your favorite spread (I used prepackaged spinach dip because that’s what I had on hand)
  • Salt, pepper, & any other spices or herbs you have on hand
  • Optional: Cheese (cheddar, pepper jack, brie) or meat (ham, bacon, veggie sausage)


  1. Crack the eggs into a bowl and whisk with salt, pepper, and your favorite spices or herbs. I opted for some smoked paprika, but dill or cilantro would’ve been yummy.
  2. Preheat the oven if you are baking premade biscuits. Pop in your biscuits to bake or heat up. Remove when done.
  3. Heat a small frying pan over medium heat. Pour half of the beaten eggs into the pan. Use a spatula to loosen the cooked egg along the edges. Place on a plate once cooked through. Repeat for the second half of the beaten eggs.
  4. Cut up the tomato and avocado into slices. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.
  5. Cut or pull your biscuit in half.
  6. Spread mayo or your favorite spread (I used prepackaged spinach dip) onto the biscuit.
  7. Layer the egg, avocado, tomato, and cheese/protein, if using, onto the open biscuit and top with the other half.
  8. Stick a frilly toothpick in it to keep it all together for serving.


Click here for a printable recipe card!

This week we’ve:

Do you like breakfast in bed?