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{Partnered Post} Matching Your Windows To Your Interior Color Scheme


Windows don’t just frame our view of the outside world; they are an integral part of any interior design scheme. Exciting window treatments are one area which often get overlooked when putting a room together, which is unfortunate; unlocking the potential around a room’s window area can often transform that room from “Ok” to “Oh wow!”

Practical considerations

To start with, let us consider the question: What are windows for? In general, windows let the light in and allow us to see out, as well as providing a room with fresh air in the summer and helping keep it warm in the winter. Although windows are a vitally important part of our interior space many of us are guilty of taking our windows for granted – but to ignore the windows in our home is to miss out on a whole area where simple, stylish design tweaks can really impact the overall look of a room.

Colorful windows

It is important to any room design that the window treatments blend in with the room’s color scheme. Using shades and finishes that directly echo the palette in a room gives a sense of unity and calm. Whether window treatments are made of wood, steel, or plastic, it is usually possible to splash color near them, if not directly on them. Some people love the drama and opulence of floor to ceiling drapes that ooze style and make the window area the focal point of the room, while others prefer the tasteful, streamlined minimalism of plantation shutters. Wooden shutters look fabulous when color-matched with a room’s interior design, elegantly melting into the background while at the same time offering great practical benefits in terms of privacy, light control, and insulation. Alternatively, the budget-friendly simplicity of a roller blind in the right shade provides a solid block of color when extended and can tie in with furnishings in the room for maximum impact.

Many shades of harmony

A unified color scheme doesn’t require every surface to be an identical shade, but drawing from the same areas of the color spectrum will give a feeling of cohesion that promotes calm. To create a feeling of moving through space in the home, colors should change gradually from room to room; when all rooms are painted the same shade, it has the effect of shrinking the space.

Harmonious color schemes can be created by riffing on different versions of the same color in one space. For example, sage colored walls against lacquered window shutters in duck-egg green, soft furnishings in darker shades of moss, and door frames, base boards, and chair arms in contrasting meadow green will give a room layers of color and texture that appeal immediately to the eye. This layered-type of approach works for all rooms and with almost all colors, and is a simple way of re-vamping an interior which has turned stale.

If painting and decorating is on the ‘to do’ list, remember to include window treatments in the overall design. Consider using light reflective colors that complement the other colors in the room and give focus to the space. If the job is done well, it could be that visitors spend more time appreciating the view around the windows than what lies beyond them.

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DIY Home Decor

{Loved & Noted} DIY Cookie Tin Lamp, Sunshine Honeycomb Wall, & DIY Stencil Floor Pillows


With my garden fever really needing a rest, I’m resorting back to my previous obsession – home decor. I still have a lot of decorating,  designing, and DIYing all over the house. That’s why these adorable DIYs are on my radar.

How awesome is that sunshine honeycomb wall by Vintage Revival?

Those DIY stencil floor pillows by Handmade Charlotte are a must for our potential Moroccan room.

What a creative way to reuse a cookie tin – into a lamp!

What DIYs have you been eyeing lately?

The {Loved & Noted} series touches on inspiration from creatives and fellow bloggers all over the world.

Art Home Decor

{Wish I Was Wed} Melissa White

{Melissa White} Website

From the moment I saw Melissa White’s work I stopped everything I was doing to find out more. If you haven’t noticed, I have a thing for gold and I love the gilded look of her handpainted design in wallpaper. She trained with an artist specializing in Elizabethan painting and one of their projects was replicating painted cloths in the Shakespeare’s Birthplace Museum. How amazing is that? I hope to have something this amazing in my home someday! (Via The City Sage)

Art Fashion Patterns

{Wish I Was Wed} Rhys Lee X Gorman

This beautiful collaboration has me wishing I was either Lisa Gorman or painter Rhys Lee. The beautiful painterly and graphic patterns paired with adorable clothing cuts equals a match made in heaven! (Is it just me or does this model remind you of Demi Lovato? I think she’s awesome. I’m such a dork.)

Which is your favorite pattern?

Art Vintage

{Wish I Was Wed} Jacqueline Lou Skaggs

Happy Halloween! I remember when I was a little trick or treater. This elderly lady in the neighborhood handed out pennies. We were so confused, but today I am just in love with these tiny works of art on pennies by Jacqueline Lou Skaggs. The detail on each oil painting is surprising. I’ve always had a thing for miniature (like these books) and this just touches on that.

Which is your favorite?

Art Color DIY

{Color Inspiration} Art Bombs

Throwing art bombs on canvas to make art. This just looks like tons of fun. Maybe even for an art bomb fight? A would totally be on board…Find the art bomb tutorial here.

What would you do with your art bombs?

Color DIY Home Decor Patterns

{Color Inspiration} Rainbow Paint Chip Wall

I am having thoughts of following Liz Apple’s lead and doing this in one of the rooms in our new place. I’m often struck with an indecisive panic and end up not making a decision at all. I’ve never really had the ability to actually decide on paint colors and furniture in the past so this is definitely new territory for me! I love the way her spontaneous paint chip wall looks and I never have to worry about not liking the color!

What have been your favorite paint colors for your home?


{Wish I Was Wed} John Kline

{John Kline} Shop | Twitter

John Kline’s work caught my eye recently when he started following Daydream In Color on Twitter. I love how real they feel and the colors he pairs together. I would love any of them on my wall!

What’s your favorite subject in paintings? Landscapes? People?

Art Color Design Fashion Food Home Decor Paper Party Sweets

Daydream In Pink And Yellow

Scarfshop Scarf ($80) | MN&Co Yeah Notecards ($7) | Pendant Wedding Cake  | Macarons  | Pink & Yellow Door| Pink & Yellow Room | Glass Wing Butterfly Print ($30)

I’ve been loving the bright and pastel variations of this color combo lately. It reminds me of strawberry lemonade, flowers, and sherbet. I think they are definitely new colorblock pals!

Do you like pink and yellow together?

Art Nature Vintage

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Rose Sanderson’s Bugs On Book Covers



Field guides are my favorite. I love learning about the different plants, flowers, and bugs and their characteristics. The best part are all the pretty yet accurate drawings. I just want to frame them and hang them up! This is what appeals to me so much about Rose Sanderson’s work via Unruly Things. She makes both old books and bugs look so appealing.

{Rose Sanderson} Website | Bug On Book Covers | Blog

What’s your favorite bug?