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Daydream In Feathers



Feather Cape | Boutonniere ($16) | Tote Bag (£9) | Feather Collection Box via Happy Mundane | Feather Flower Arrangements by Flowerwild | Bow Bridal Fascinator ($200) | Gucci Runway Feather Ponytail | Feather Hands | Feathered Hat | Wing Light ($98) | Miss Wu Bella Feather Print Dress ($395) | Feather Faux Lashes ($20) | Quill Pen ($60)

I’ve been obsessed wtih feathers for as long as I can remember because my Chinese name is made up of the word feather. They’ve been “in” for a while now, but I still can’t get enough. The silky plumes exude luxury and girliness. Just love them in everything from flower arrangements to fashion. If you’re into that wing lamp, by the way, you might also enjoy this gilded wing post.

Are you a fan of feathers?

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Daydream In Pastel Yellow

Dresser from Martha Stewart | Clay Rose Earrings by Flora Jewelry Shop($23) | Lauren by Ralph Lauren Crop Pants ($89.50) | Parker Jotter Pen ($7) | Land of Happy Card from Sign Fail ($4) | Vintage Metal Bread Box from Bridgewood Place | Pleated Dip Hem Skirt ($56) via Lifetime Moms | Yellow Condiment Spoon ($2) | Yellow Tea on the Go Cup ($20) | George 3 Leather Flats (£49)

I’m not sure why, but I’ve always loved pastels. Maybe because I’ve always had a soft spot for the 50′s. You can imagine my excitement when I saw that pastels were on their way in this season. I thought I’d start off with pastel yellows, which are way more fun than just for baby showers at which you don’t know the gender yet! Love it especially paired with bright white and patterns.

Do you like pastel yellow?

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{Collecting Rainbows} Parafernalia Pens

I was totally one of those girls that wrote in different colored pens in high school. I hoarded them in every color like candy. I had my favorites and I used some sparingly to not use it up too fast. I wrote notes with hearts and folded them into the most intricate shapes for my friends to figure out. I think I still have my pen stash some where, but with today’s {Collecting Rainbows} it’s obvious my love of pens in all colors still exists. (By Parafernalia Pens)

What color of the rainbow would you choose? Did you ever write with different colored pens back in the day?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Shane McAdams

We write with them every day. We grab one with a notepad right before a meeting. The only time we really worry about them is when they’re out or we can’t find one as we dig in our purses. But, Shane McAdam took ball point pens to a whole different level of interesting. He has several ball point pen paintings as well as a series called Synthetic Landscapes that just really draws your eyes into the landscape through his use of ball point pen ink.

Shane extracts the inks and heats them with solvents. Then he uses natural forces like gravity and wind to create each piece. Some of them are even labelled with the brand and color for reference (e.g., Paper Mate Green).

If you’re in the New York area, he’s having an exhibit called The Fair And Open Face Of Heaven at Allegra LaViola Gallery from January 6 through February 4, 2012. I’d definitely check it out if I was on that coast!

{Shane McAdams} Website

Do you use ball point pens? Do you have a favorite brand?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Maria Cristina Bellucci of MCB Jewelry

The works of Italian jewelry designer Maria Cristina Bellucci caught my eye because of her fun and unique take on using colored pencils in jewelry. She had not explored the use of color in her work until recently and I’m so glad she did. She takes something so ordinary and makes us look at it a different way. I love it! Check out her work and links below!


Maria Cristina Bellucci: WebsiteWhere To Buy Online

Have you seen works of art or fashion that takes something from our everyday life & transforms it?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Dave Hakkens

Today I wish I was Dave Hakkens. He is a young design academy student in the Netherlands with a really fun and innovative portfolio. His designs really makes me think twice about the objects I come in contact with every day and how they can better. See some of his amazing work below and be sure to visit his website and blog for more!

The Business Card: Business cards often cost a pretty penny in materials and print, so Dave decided to approach it a different way by having a stamp made instead. He stamps it on various materials and cuts them out. It’s always a surprise what will be on the back!

The Wineglass: After investigating the reasons for different shaped wineglasses and thinking about how wine often age in oak barrels, Dave reinvented the traditional wineglass.

Break Soap: Wanting the make the traditional hand soap more hygienic, Dave creates a soap that can be broken off into chunks for use. If you need more soap, you can break off a bigger chunk. Each block has 90 uses. Love this idea!

Memo Block:

Edible Pen: As if his other work wasn’t great enough, this one totally did me in. There’s nothing better to get the ideas flowing than a little bit of sugar from chewing on the end of your pen.

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Marc Johns

I’m going to start a series called {Wish I Was Wednesday}. There are so many artist, designers, photographers, crafters, etc that are incredibly talented and I wish I could be. This is my way of sharing them with you in case you’ve never seen their work. Hopefully it’ll be inspiring enough to get you through hump (middle of the week) day!

The first artist up is Marc Johns that I discovered through Design Love Fest.. His simple ink and watercolor drawings are adorable and funny. They are totally random and that’s part of their charm! He also draws on sticky notes, which are equally awesome. He has lots of his artwork and merchandise in his online shop and a book!

Which piece is your favorite?