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{Lust List} Picnic Weather

Picnic food is pretty much my fave. You may remember my Daydream At A Picnic & Picnic Checklist posts. I can’t wait for warmer picnic weather to give me a reason to indulge in these things on my Lust List! I recently gifted The Olympic Provisions Royale to my good friend for his birthday. These are a mix of my favorite things from the places I have lived over the past 6 years and beyond.


Olympic Provisions Sausage ($10 each) | Olympic Provisions Cutting Board & Knife ($35) | Cowgirl Creamery Favorite Wood Box ($35) | La Brea Bakery French Baguette | Ames Farm Honey Sampler ($24) | Komforte Apple Pie + Graham Chocolate ($4) | Kate Spade Wicker Basket ($428)

What do you like to pack for picnics?

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{Freebie Friday} Floral Flat Paper Bags & Template

Floral is back & has been back in a big way. If I have a choice between solid and floral, it will always be floral by default. It’s just more fun! I think I’ve been drawn to it since I thrifted a black jumper with little watercolor florals as a kid. I wouldn’t leave the store without it and then I refused to take it off. How ahead of the times was I? (Though I’m sure I looked like a total dork at the time…)

I thought I’d join my love of florals with my love of treat giving. I used to bake every weekend just to come to work with trays completely full of freshly baked and packed goodies. It was my way to experiment with both recipe and packaging development. I wouldn’t otherwise ever get the opportunity to bake and label in such bulk unless I switched careers.

One of the more useful things to have on hand were flat paper bags. I had them in lots of styles from glassine to food safe plastic to kraft to wax, but the best way to personalize them was to make my own. I could label with what deliciousness lay ahead or with a simple “Enjoy!” and they were out the door.

Today, I have for you a flat paper bag template that you can print out onto your own colored or patterned paper and some floral flat paper bags that used Pugly Pixel’s seamless rose tiles that includes floral ephemera from Graphics Fairy.

These would be great for everyday gifting, favor bags for a tea party, brunch, or shower. They’re also the perfect size to slip in a small greeting card for your next gift or just a note to your cubicle mate. If you make a few extra, these would be a great addition to your gift wrapping stash. If you plan on giving a friend some basic gift wrapping supplies for the holidays, these would be really cute snuck into the package too. They’re really easy to personalize with seals, tags, and stamps. Check out some of the samples below.

  1. Colors: Choose your floral color and click the button to open a PDF file.
  2. Type: If you are printing the blank template on your own colored or patterned paper, load the paper into your printer per your printer’s instructions to print the template directly on your desire paper. If you don’t want the dotted lines to show up on your final product, print the template on the back of your desired paper.
  3. Print: Print the file as many time as you’d like. Regular printer paper seems to work best for me because there is more give if I put in a bulkier or non-flat item.
  4. Cut: Cut along the solid black lines.
  5. Fold: Fold along the dotted lines.
  6. Glue: Apply glue to the gray area labeled “GLUE” and press down on the long vertical glue seam. Apply glue to the inside of the bottom flap and press down.
  7. Finish Top Edge: If your seams didn’t line up at the top and you’re a perfectionist, trim the top to be straight. If you’d like to finish the top opening with a decorative edge, cut it with decorative scissors or a decorative blade on your cutter.

Cost Savings Tip: If you plan to make a bunch of blank ones on your own color or patterned paper, just print one template and take them to your local copier. Some mom & pop shops can make black and white (B&W) photocopies for a couple of pennies each. This will save you on ink and we all know ink is the priciest part of a printer!

Efficiency Tip: If you are headed to the local copier or have access to a paper cutter, you can use the paper cutter to cut along 4 of the straight edges on multiple sheets at a time. The 4 edges are the top of bag, the two sides of the bag, and the bottom-most line of the bottom flap. This will cut down on a lot of time! If your paper cutter has a scoring blade, you can even score the dotted lines to made assembling a breeze. On the other hand, if you don’t have access to a paper cutter, you can still paperclip or staple several sheets together and cut through multiple sheets at a time with scissors. A maximum of 4 sheets worked best for me. You can stack them up and fold them in one go too! Just make sure you unfold before moving onto the next one so as not to distort the next fold with the stack bunching.








I’m throwing the following two in because I thought they’d be perfect for 4th of July and they are the perfect match for my printable Let’s Picnic checklists. Use these to put individual portions of chips, sandwiches, or napkins and utensils for each person.



Note: If you are filling with edibles, you should wrap the item or line the bag with wax paper, parchment, plastic wrap, or cellophane first. This will prevent the grease from soaking through the paper and ensure the item is safe from inks if you printed patterns on your paper.

Please let me know if you’d like specific tutorials for any of the samples!

This week we’ve:

 Do you like having a “go to” gift wrap supply stash? What do you like to give for “just because” gifts?

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{Freebie Friday} Let’s Picnic! & Let’s Do This! Checklists

Happy Friday everyone! Sadly for me, I will be working 10 hours on both days this weekend so I don’t have much to celebrate. I AM, however, excited to share with you a gingham bordered checklist inspired by yesterday’s post about daydreaming at a picnic. I often border on being extremely organized and extremely not, but when other people are involved, I’m definitely the first because I never want to let anyone down. Since picnics are most fun when they involve other people, I put together a little checklist for you called “Let’s Picnic!” to use on future outings if you’re the planning type. Then, since it may not quite be picnic weather yet, I wanted you to be able to enjoy these freebies now by having a fill-in-the-blank checklist called “Let’s Do This!” for your everyday use.


  • Template
  • Copy paper
  • Scissors
  • Pen


  1. Click the images below to open the one you want.
  2. Print on copy paper.
  3. Cut along the solid lines.
  4. Use a pen to check off or fill in the blanks!

I’d love to hear how you use these little checklists!

Daydream in Color – Let’s Picnic Checklist

Daydream in Color – Let’s Do This Checklist

This week we’ve:

What do you like bringing on your picnics?

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Daydream at a Picnic

When my friends were visiting last week, we planned to have a picnic out in the Columbia River Gorge. We stopped by Olympic Provisions, which you may recognize from my Wish I Was Wednesday: The Official Manufacturing Co. post because they designed their branding, for some cured salami. We got the Louanika, Chorizo Navarre (cayenne version of chorizo), and Saucisson Sec (French style with black pepper & garlic). The Loukanika (Greek seasonings of garlic, cumin, and orange zest) was our favorite. All of them were incredible. The fat just melted in your mouth! Then, we hopped over to City Market and picked up a baguette from  Grand Central Bakery, ciabatta from Pearl Bakery, some honey macaroons, and several cheeses including my old time fave Fromager d’Affinois (French double cream soft cheese from cow’s milk) and a Switzerland cave-aged gruyere. Sorry, I went totally foodie on you in the last few sentences. OK OK pretty much in the whole paragraph.

Anyways! After a day of hiking to waterfalls and being in the lovely forest-y mountains, a picnic was just the thing we were craving. We laid out our picnic blankets, unpacked our treasures from my wicker picnic basket, brought out the leatherman, and my guy BFF started slicing away at the meats and cheese for us. I sliced into the apples, laid out the grapes, and we paired it all with some herbs de provence spiced mixed nuts I had made earlier. It was incredibly delicious and relaxing. A ray of sunshine even decided to join us as other park goers looked on with curiosity and eventual jealousy.

Since then, I’ve been daydreaming about having another picnic and decided to share with you a few things that would’ve made it just a tad more fancy as well as inspiring picnic-y things I’ve found in the blogosphere.

~$48 Via Cox & Cox

$175 Via Sewn Natural

$28.95 Via Amazon By Picnic Time

100 sets for $39.99 Via Ecoware Products

$1.70/Mini Basket Via Baby Favors & Things

It would’ve been so fun to label all the little treats we brought:

Via Tokketok

Picnicking under ribbon dangled lanterns would be simply breathtaking:

Via The Bride’s Cafe Via Denise At Home

Would love to have indoor picnics next to a tree with birdhouses even though this is a little place for children to have creative parties. I’ll never grow up. Who am I kidding?:

Via Eat Drink Chic Via Apples and Jam

I’d love to just throw out all my linens, pillows, and other random furniture on the lawn for a gorgeous picnic in the backyard or park. The scattered flower petals definitely don’t hurt:

Via The Bride’s Cafe By Serena & Lily