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{Lust List} Colored Diamonds


Up until today I had no idea that diamonds came in so many beautiful colors. I’m seriously obsessed! A girl’s best friend in every shade of the rainbow? Count me in!

Check out your favorite color in diamond form from Leibish&co: Red | Pink | Orange | Yellow | Chameleon | Green | Blue | Violet | Purple | Gray | Black | Champagne | White | Colorless

Which color are you lusting after?

Note: This post is written in partnership with Leibish&co. All words and opinions are my own. Posts like these help us provide colorful inspiration to all you lovelies. Thanks for tuning in!



Color Travel

{Lust List} Capturing Colorful Memories


My head is still in Cabo by the pool with my friends. So, I’m naturally daydreaming about how to capture and keep those thoughts forever. We brought back a water bottle full of Cabo San Lucas sand. It’d be super cute in that colorful glass terrarium ($34). I’m also loving those rainbow instax mini pictures ($18) and the perfect metallic picture frame ($11) in multiple colors of course!

 How do you like capturing memories?

Color Fashion Photography

{Loved & Noted} Colored Pencil Personalities, Instagram Custom Shoes, & DIY 3D Camera


I’m feeling colorful today (when am I not?).

I love these colored pencil personalities. Which one are you?

Did you hear that they’re making custom Nikes based on your instagram photos now (via Apartment Therapy)?

I’m not sure if you know, but I’m really into 3D cameras. I collect vintage ones and always have a Viewmaster Camera loaded and ready. But this DIY 3D camera with disposable cameras (via Giver’s Log) is definitely more economical and crafty!

What’s inspiring you today?

The {Loved & Noted} series touches on inspiration from creatives and fellow bloggers all over the world.

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Taisuke Koyama


The “Melting Rainbows” series by Taisuke Koyama is so intriguing. He placed inkjet prints of his previous series “Rainbow Form” on his balcony to see how nature interacted with them. The results are so beautiful and unexpected.

{Taisuke Koyama}

Which is your favorite?

Art Color Photography

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Markus Reugels

Daydream-In-Color-Wish-I-Was-Wednesday-Markus-Reugels-Liquid-Art-Multicolor-Lighted-Splash Daydream-In-Color-Wish-I-Was-Wednesday-Markus-Reugels-Liquid-Art-Rainbow-Splash


Markus Reugels’ high speed liquid splash photography has me rethinking what to take photos of! I had no idea a splash could be so complex and beautiful (via Colossal).

{Markus Reugels} Flickr | Shop

What colors would you want in your splash?

Color Fashion Party Travel

Daydream In Balloons



Girl With Balloons photographed by Coliena Rentmeester for Lucky via Black Eiffel | National Geographic Up House | You Did It Balloon Wall | Save The Date photographed by Sarah Layne Photography | Balloon Arch In Tokyo | Jalouse Fashion Shoot photographed by Skye Parrott via Oh Joy | Heart Balloon DIY | Confetti Balloons DIY | Picnic Balloons | House With Balloons Photo by Tim Walker via Suz And The City

I don’t know what took me so long to write this post, but I love balloons probably just as much as I love confetti and sprinkles! They’re colorful accents and include a natural dose of fun in just about anything! When I lived down on the Portland waterfront, one of my dreams was to fill the whole grassy hillside with balloons for people to take (like I did with the paper sailboats). Who knows? I still might do it someday!

What’s your favorite way to incorporate balloons into your life?

DIY Nature Paper

{Loved & Noted} Rainbow Flowers, Pixie Ring Boxes, & DIY Paper Butterflies


As a kid, did you ever dye carnations different colors? How smart is this way of turning each bloom rainbow colors by Color Me Katie!

These reclaimed wood turned colorful pixie ring boxes by Oh Dier are so cute.

If you’re dreamnig of summer, these DIY paper butterflies might just be the thing to flutter you there (if you’re interested in an edible version, check out this post or for other things butterfly click here).

The {Loved & Noted} series touches on inspiration from creatives and fellow bloggers all over the world.

Home Decor Party Sweets

{Lust List} Entertaining In Color Part Two


Linens By The Roll ($22-42) | Rainbow Nesting Mixing Bowls ($65) | Over The Rainbow Cupcake Liners ($9) | Rainbow Paper Straws ($3.52) | Retro Polka Dot Coasters ($23/4)

I’ve long been fascinated by these linens on a roll, but now that warmer weather may be around the corner, I’m figuring out what colors to choose. I have a set of these Zak bowls and I love how lightweight they are. Pouring flour into the mixer is no big feat as it is sometimes with glass or porcelain. The other goodies can be bought and pulled out one color at a time if rainbow isn’t your thing!

Read Entertaining In Color (part one) here.

What color of the rainbow would you choose?

Color Food Party Sweets

Daydream In Edible Rainbows


Edible Butterflies ($64/96) | Sugar Bead Sprinkles Set ($6.75/3) | Twizzlers Rainbow Licorice ($19.80/18) | Happy Lab Praline Pastilles ($14.95) | Dean & Deluca Rainbow Sanding Sugar ($5.50) | Rainbow Cotton Candy (Floss Sugar available here) | Rainbow Ice Cream Cone

I’m so excited for summer and all the al fresco dining we’ll be doing now that we have a backyard. In the mean time, I’ll be daydreaming in fun and colorful foods available in all colors of the rainbow! Don’t they just evoke thoughts of carnivals, fairs, and happy childhood memories?

What’s your favorite colorful food?

Color Fashion

{Color Inspiration} Fall 2013 Fashion Week By Color

Daydream-In-Color-Fashionista-Fall-2013-Fashion-Week-By-Color-London Daydream-In-Color-Fashionista-Fall-2013-Fashion-Week-By-Color-Milan Daydream-In-Color-Fashionista-Fall-2013-Fashion-Week-By-Color-New-York Daydream-In-Color-Fashionista-Fall-2013-Fashion-Week-By-Color-Paris

I’m loving these cities’ Fall 2013 Fashion Weeks mapped by color via Fashionista. There’s no better way to see what colors are in store for the next season! (If you want to see more color maps, see the Queen’s outfits by color too.)

What colors are you going to be wearing?