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{Loved And Noted} DIY Marbled Scarf, Homemade Chai, & DIY Gold Lucite Bookends


Fall came to the Northwest swiftly following summer this year. A and I are loving cozying up at home lately. I’m bringing out all my scarves and can’t wait to try this DIY marbled scarf. We are also spending a lot more time drinking warm beverages like this homemade chai and reading books. No better time to get our bookshelves in order too with these DIY gold and lucite bookends.

What Fall things are you loving lately?

The {Loved & Noted} series touches on inspiration from creatives and fellow bloggers all over the world.

Fashion Patterns

Daydream In Eyes


1Kenzo Eye Print Sweater ($348) | 2Eye Eye Mask | 3Bank Eye Print Scarf (£10) | 4Evil Eye Studs ($18) | 5Ceramic Eye Dish ($34) | 6Wendy Nichol Embroidered Eye Of Horus Bullet Bag ($1225) | 7Lulu Guinness Eye Coin Purse (£75) | 8Banzai Woven Eye Dress ($804) | 9Keep An Eye Out Skirt (€57) | 10Del Toro Eye And Winking Eye Slippers ($424)

It all started with those tiny brass evil eye studs. I started wanting more. They’re so creepy and cute. I didn’t know those could even be a description for something together! I had been dreaming up a pillow version for years now, so maybe a tutorial is in the future! We came back from Cabo San Lucas last week and those blue and white ceramic eyes by Leah Goren remind me of all the pretty pottery they have there. I just can’t get enough of little eyes staring back at me.

What about you? Are you a fan of eyes and eye print?

Fashion Home Decor Paper Vintage

Daydream In Peach And Gray


Carpe Diem Peach & Gray Pillow ($55) | Fabric Peach & Gray Bouquet ($90) | Peach & Gray Birdcage Veil ($100) | Vintage Embroidered Handkerchief ($7) | Peach & Gray Fabric Bunting ($32) | Lace Peach & Gray Dreamcatcher ($20) | Bloom & Grow Tote ($25) | Peach & Gray Dresser ($425) | Peach Botswana Agate White Coral Bracelet ($50) | Peach & Gray Infinity Scarf ($22)

The light with a touch of sherbet combo of peach and gray is really striking a chord with me lately. It started with that awesome applique pillow and now I can’t get the pair out of my head.

Do you like the combination of peach and gray?

Fashion Garden Nature Travel

Daydream In The Tropics


Tropical Bikini Top ($19) | Tropical Bikini Bottom ($16) | Urban Outfitter Sunglasses ($10) | Opening Ceremony Tropical Intarsia Sweater ($173) | Tropical Scarf ($30) | Tropical Maxi Dress ($70) | Click and Grow Starter Kit ($80) | Tangelo Tropical Clutch ($45)

It’s supposed to finally be heating up here in the Pacific NW and I can’t wait! We’ve been going between sunshine and sprinkles for a few weeks now (I guess because we got let off easy rainwise this spring). My mom is visiting from California first the first time since I bought the house, so it’ll be giggles and sightseeing this weekend. In the mean time, I hope ya’ll are enjoying the weather and if not, maybe indulge in some retail therapy with these items that remind me of hot tropical places.

How are you embracing tropical print?

Art Design Fashion Patterns

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Caleb Luke Lin’s Scarves

Daydream-In-Color-Wish-I-Was-Wednesday-Caleb-Luke-Lin-Scarves-Accidents Daydream-In-Color-Wish-I-Was-Wednesday-Caleb-Luke-Lin-Scarves-Expanse-Of-Empires Daydream-In-Color-Wish-I-Was-Wednesday-Caleb-Luke-Lin-Scarves-Oregon-And-Washington-Hop-Farming Daydream-In-Color-Wish-I-Was-Wednesday-Caleb-Luke-Lin-Scarves-Sheep

I spotted Caleb Luke Lin‘s work in scarves over on Pikaland and I just had to share. Seriously, how unique and beautiful are these works of art? My collecting habit has me wanting them all.

{Caleb Luke Lin} Shop | Flickr | Tumblr

Which is your favorite?

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Color Fashion Home Decor Paper Party Sweets

Daydream In Hot Pink & Light Purple


Dorothy Perkins Butterfly Print Umbrella ($17) | Party Straws ($8/50) | Marie-Helene De Taillac 22-karat Gold Spinel Chain Ring ($1175) | Scalloped Circles ($7/48) | Markus Lupfer Heart Embellished Cardigan ($450) | Nasty Gal Sugar High Satchel ($19) | Markus Lupfer Milkshake Sweater ($442) | Leigh & Luca Vintage Birds Scarf ($156) | Acne Satya Dress ($413) | Pink and Purple Room | Sophia Webster Satin and Leather Peep Toe Pumps ($490) | K Jacques St. Tropez Patent Sandals ($300) | Frisia Lips High Heel Sling Back ($695)

I think I subconsciously knew I was going to write this post because I definitely paired a hot pink silk shirt with a light purple floral scarf today. This seemingly saccarine sweet combo appeared to me when I saw that adorable sequinned heart cardigan by Markus Lupfer. Then, suddenly it was everywhere I looked! The funny thing about this combo is that it’s so feminine, but could easily be paired with a darker color like black to tone down. Plus, wouldn’t it look great with leather?

Do you like the combo of hot pink and light purple?

Art Food Paper Party Patterns Sweets Travel

Daydream In Macarons


Macarons Silk Scarf ($110) | Macaron Candles ($24/4) | MOR Macaron Lip Balm ($10) | Macaron Party Jar ($21) | Macaron Bracelet (€39) | Fabric ($4.60) | Macaron Wrapping Paper Background ($2.50-8) | Macaron Cafe Box of Macarons ($53) | Macaron Pill Box ($10) | Water Transfer Nail Stickers ($4.80) | French Macaron Cushion ($32) | Laurdee Illustration ($11) | Macarons Art Cards ($10)

Happy Valentine’s Day! I love each and everyone of your for making my blog worthwhile.

Last year A got me a beautiful pink and gold tulle wrapped box of macarons and flowers arranged in a milk glass vase for Valentine’s day. I’m excited to see what today has in store! Meanwhile, I’ll be daydreaming in in one of my favorite cookies ever. They’re so colorful and yummy. How can you resist!

Do you like macarons?

Fashion Home Decor Nature Paper

Daydream In Zebras

Zebra Bust ($68) | Letterpress Zebra Coasters ($14) | Zebra Necklace (£12) | Marc Jacobs iPhone 4 Julio Case ($48) | Orange Zebra Scarf ($17) | Zebra Wallpaper ($395) | Pink Zebra Notebook (€66) | Zebra Salt & Pepper Shakers ($19) | Zebra Woven Tunic ($68)

Looking through my half unpacked closet, I was trying to see what I might actually be for Halloween this year. I realized I had a lot of black and white stripes in shirt, dress, and sweater form. Suddenly ideas of becoming a zebra seemed likely. I’ll probably need some ears, mask, and a tail, but these all seem very DIY-able. In the mean time, I’ll be daydreaming in zebras.

Do you like zebras?

Art Color DIY Fashion Home Decor Nature Paper

Daydream In Pressed Flowers

Skull Print ($15) | Cube Earrings ($39) | Studio Sign ($50) | Washi Tape ($15.50) | Rug ($19) | Candle ($6) | Switchplate ($9) | Scarf ($62) | Tray ($15) | Red Resin Bangle ($44) | Blouse ($60) | Mt. Rainer Flower Map ($25)

As the summer continues going strong, wildflower hills are slowly becoming golden fields. I remember how I used to love picking a few blooms each year and leave them in the pages of books I was reading in hopes of keeping them around forever. I thought I’d find some pretty pressed flower goodies so that these pretty colorful petals may live on.

Do you like pressed flowers? Have you ever pressed your own?

Fashion Home Decor Nature Paper Patterns

Daydream In Hippos

Wire Hippo Card ($11) | Bamboo Hippo Wall Clock ($68) | Hippo Print Scarf ($5) | Hippo Ring ($95) | Hippo Candle ($5) | Hippo Doormat (¥18,900) | Ceramic Hippo Factory ($25) | Needle Felted Hippo ($15) | Hippo Planter ($19) | Hippo Print Thermal ($50) | Hippo Messenger Bag ($72)

We got an Oregon Zoo membership over the summer and have been trying to frequent there to take pictures, relax, and enjoy the animals. One of our favorites are the hippos. They are huge. Much bigger than I’d imagine and they just sit there wet from their last swim and lounge in the sun. It’s super adorable and reminds me of hungry hungry hippos. I wanted to dedicate a post to these plump and cute creatures.

Do you like hippos?