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Daydream in Mint

By Ron Whitfield from Positive Posters

So, I have a confession. I have a secret obsession with the light, refreshing, and retro feel of the color that is mint. This all began when I was little and I rode to elementary school everyday on a mint Huffy with white tires. The thorns at the school were determined to make it impossible to ride, but I was even more determined to fix every flat it gave me. Then, in college I decided to get a bike having not since ridden since then. I tried out a bunch of really crappy bikes, and finally I went to a fancy bike shop and found the bike of my dreams in, of course, mint. Now that I think about it I may have been more in love with the color than the bike. The bike was completely out of my price range as a student and I opted for a 2nd hand one later on, but I have never stopped daydreaming about that awesome breezy bike and imagining myself riding to a park with a picnic in my wicker basket.

$229.99 by Electra from Sport Chalet

The resurgence of my love of mint all started with recently winning a shopping tote from Fabric & Handle from Design Darling. Salinya from F&Hwas such a sweetheart to work with when discussing the details of my tote. I chose the gorgeous Amite with light tan straps, which was a refreshing mint linen with small details in the fabric. It arrived in a drawstring dust bag, which made the reveal all the more exciting. The tote had  beautiful and durable matching lining and sturdy touchable leather straps that are so smartly adjustable with button snaps! I used it the whole weekend at Summer School PDX and everyone kept asking about it. They come in such great colors that somehow can act like a neutral to match your every outfit. (Picture below of Amite by Fabric & Handle.)

Fabric and Handle: WebsiteFacebook

I thought it was totally appropriate since this week was the start of summer to daydream in a little bit of refreshing mint! In fact, my nails are painted mint as I inspiredly type up this post.

Top to bottom:

Do you like mint? Do you have a color that reminds you of your childhood?

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Daydream in Watercolor

When I was in elementary school, I started taking watercolor classes. It was one of the few classes I took in my parents’ attempt to stimulate my brain that really stuck with me. It was held in the upstairs of a bright yellow wood building labelled “Ned’s Deli.” The mom and pop that owned the place rented out the upper level for our classes. I remember looking forward to every Saturday afternoon and the cookies my classmates and I would go buy downstairs that spoiled our appetite! We painted flowers, scenery, and learned techniques. It was such an escape even as a little kid. I still have a huge stack of paintings I had done when I was a kid and I think I was better then than I would be now!

To this day, the beauty of watercolor still strikes a chord with me. Something about how you have to paint with no abandon because once that paintbrush hits the paper, there’s no undoing or erasing. It just is. Also, in life, it wasn’t until graduating college that I was confident enough to embrace the boldness in color of other types of painting and even in clothes. I was always that shy girl in the corner that spoke and acted in the often softer colors of watercolors. I’ve noticed the use of watercolor blending with design nowadays. I’m loving this trend! I love the mix of it with typography and its subtle sweetness it adds to everything.

What do you think? Do you prefer lighter or brighter colors?