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{Smell The Roses} Oregon International Air Show

A’s parents bought 4 Oregon International Air Show tickets this year and invited us along. I had never been and A hadn’t been since he was a kid so were were both super excited! It was one of the hottest weekend we had seen in Portland this summer, but it was so much fun eating random carvinal snacks and watch the wonder of these airplanes. Everything they did was so impressive. Swoops, point turns, purposeful parachute/engine failure, and the jetpack truck! It really made us appreciate the history of human invention as well as our US military. This year’s star attraction were the USAF Thunderbirds. They were incredible! We’ll definitely be headed their next year for the Navy Blue Angels! (Photos by A.)

Have you ever been to an air show?

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{Smell The Roses} Berry Picking

Spontaneously one weekend A and I headed to Sauvie Island for a drive and end up spending hours picking berries at Columbia Farms. They had all sorts of raspberry varieties, bosenberries, and marionberries. They were all so huge! It reminded me of my friend N and his friends’ blackberry festival each year in the bay area. I went one year and we picked a ton of blackberries in the Berkeley hills and we all went to the grocery store and met back at their place to complete with our blackberry concoctions. The year I went, my foodie pal C and I made a blackberry BBQ sauce pulled pork cornbread slider with blackberry honey slaw. My BFF & N made blackberry pasta dough for fresh ravioli & muddled mint blackberry gin cocktails. There were pies, cobblers, and so many delicious things! Maybe I’ll start the tradition in Portland one year!

What’s your favorite berry and berry recipe?

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{Smell The Roses} Table In The Orchard

A and I were recently led to a vintage barn sale at someone’s home via hand painted signs. The sale ended up being only OK, but what really impressed us was their place. They had a full size barn filled with collected goodies. They had a christmas tree farm out back with a view of the river. Out in front were beautifully shaded orchards and a rustic table. A and I were just about ready to move in. My best friend (who’s birthday it is today) and I dream about being neighbors someday and having casual outdoor parties where we just lounge all day outside with great conversation. This would be the most amazing setting. (Photo by A.)

Do you have a table set up for outdoor dining or parties?

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{Smell The Roses} Picking Wildflower Bouquets

It was two of my coworkers’ birthdays last month and my favorite thing to do is surprise them with a desk full of happiness. I garland bombed one of them with twisted crepe tassels, bought yummy things from Olympic Provisions and Pix Patisserie, and I picked giant bouquets of wildflowers that looked like they sprouted from the vase and overtook their tabletops. Seeing their faces is always my favorite, but in this case picking the wildflowers covertly in the night with A was part of the fun. A hillside near my place was completely full of sweet peas, clovers, lupine, thistle, asters, wheat, queen’s anne lace, and more. All the mixing and matching was already done for me! (Photos by A.)

Have you ever picked wildflower bouquets?

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{Smell The Roses} Documenting Benches

I have a fascination with benches. Yes, it’s weird, but I’m admiting it anyways. It started in college when I would pass this specific bench nestled in the trees when I walked to classes. Every day there would be a different person there sharing a small piece of their life with this bench. There would be a girl crying. A lady smiling to herself as she looked at her phone. A homeless man resting his back from his belongings. A boy sprawled and taking a nap. A couple sharing a laugh. I found myself making excuses to walk by this bench just to see what moment was becoming a piece of this bench’s life. It made me realize what a trustworthy and never questioning friend this bench was to so many people that took it for granted. At the time, I related to this bench a lot as I’m sure many of you have at some point. I think since then, I’ve made a subconscious misson to “document” benches. I have so many pictures in so many places of this simple place to put up your feet so that they know that I understand the comfort they provide in any time of need.

Is there something you always take a picture of if you see?

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{Smell The Roses} Writing On Benches

Quotes are the best. They simply put into words things that I need to remind myself to keep motivated. You may remember my “obsession” with benches. Here are some writing/painting I’ve found on some lately.

What are some of your favorite quotes?

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{Smell The Roses} Experiencing The Velodrome

A used to be a competitive bike racer when he was young. He did cyclo-cross, the velodrome, centuries, and was even in the Junior Olympics that competed at Mt. Tabor one year. It’s really fun to hear him tell his “back in the day” stories. One non-rainy day, we headed to his old stomping grounds to watch some races at the Alpenrose Veldrome. It was fun to see that the same couple ran the races and the track that A had helped paint when he was young. The racers were intense and so darn fast! It definitely made me appreciate what the human body is capable of!

What {Smell The Roses} moment have you experienced recently?

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{Smell The Roses} Wildflower Patches

A sure thing smile for me are little patches of wildflowers especially in unexpected places. It’s like they go against all odds to sprout their little heads and bloom to show off their colors. These are some little patches near where I live. Some even popped up on construction sites.

What {Smell The Roses} moment have you had recently? Have you noticed any wild flowers?

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{Smell The Roses} Farmer’s Market Bounty

Farmer’s markets popping up all over town get me giddy. They make me take deep breaths to breathe in the freshness and gasp in awe of how beautiful produce can truly be.

Have you had a {Smell The Roses} moment lately?

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{Smell The Roses} A Trip For A Slurpee


There are a few snippets in my life that I remember vividly as “Wake up and smell the roses” moments. It usually revolves around not realizing something incredible was just right next door and just tingles all of my senses. One of these moments was when A & I found this amazing bike trail through a butterfly sanctuary and little white fluffies were falling from the trees as we rode through discovering this “secret” little path. It was magical. This time, we had our cameras with us and began as an innocent trip for a slurpee after we got frustrated with one of life’s small curve balls.

I thought this was the perfect time to celebrate life’s little moments in a series called {Smell The Roses}. I’ll try to capture little snippets of my daily life that bring me and hopefully you a little smile. They remind me that small frustrations are not only a part of life, but make the wonderful parts stand out even more and in the big scheme of things, it’s all these little perfect moments that make up our days and memories.

This series will be intermittant with the {Taste} and {Weekend Recap} series. Let me know what you think and I’ll work on bring you more!

The trip began with a walk over a beautiful green bridge draped with abundant and sweetly fragrant white lilacs.

With a lock that I’d like to imagine was filled with promises and happiness.

Through this awesome graffiti tunnel that made me wish I had my Polaroid.

Past this building with a neon sign I like.

And success (grape & pina colada success to be specific)!

What {Smell The Roses} moment have you had recently?