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Daydream In Ice Blue


Eiffel Tower Headband ($23) | Polka Dot Candles ($5) | Lulu Frost for J.Crew Crystal Earrings ($118) | Giant Bicycle ($410) | Blue Mushroom Woodland Scene ($28) | Powder Blue Dress ($75) | Wish Bracelet ($19) | Glass Tumblers ($24) | Sunshine Showers Raincoat ($158) | Topshop Cat Sweater ($76) | Handknit Blue Over The Knee Socks ($50) | Delphite Juicer ($55)

On New Years Eve, A’s parents, A, and I headed to Mt. Hood to go sledding. I’d never sledded before & I was totally freaked out, but once I saw how much fun they and A were having I had to join in. It was a blast! We loved stomping in the snow and making snow angels. The ice was such a pretty powder and an ice blue that I can’t get out of my mind. So, today’s post is all about this chilly and pale yet beautiful color.

Do you like ice blue?

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Daydream As A Ballerina

Tulle Skirt ($62) | Ballerina Wall Clock ($12) | Ballerina Tutu Necklace (€75) | Dance Slipper Socks ($12) | Ballet Flats ($160) | Christian Louboutin & English National Ballet Collab | Wooden Toy (€68.60) | Longchamp Ballet Bag | Ballet Inspired Wedding Shoot | Green Sequin Outfit from Ruche Lookbook

I took ballet when I was about 5-6. I remember having a Russian dance teacher that was has hard on us as she was tall and elegant. She would rubber band our feet together so that we wouldn’t forget our form when we stood in place. I would find my fellow dancemates at school recess to practice because we were so scared of our teacher! Being a short little kid (and adult), I should’ve known I really wouldn’t have a dance career as a ballerina, but I tried! I even wanted to change my name to Diana Ballerina (Diana being my bff cousin’s name). After seeing Ruche’s En Pointe lookbook, I was hooked again.  So now a couple of decades later, I still wish I had the elegance of a ballerina and I could wear tutus to work.

Did you ever take ballet?

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Daydream In Squirrels

Advent Pillow Cover ($40) | Squirrel Sweater ($50) | Gold Squirrel and Acorn Earrings ($10) | Squirrel Print Dress ($40) | Silver Squirrel Nutcracker ($13) | Squirrel Ankle Socks ($6) | Ceramic Squirrel Speaker ($49) | Bag ($77)

Since being in the new place, we experience a lot more wildlife than we did downtown. Just the other day we saw a woodpecker. Squirrels scamper about and it makes me so happy! Thinking about Thanksgiving and decor, I’ve been notcing these little furry cuties everywhere. I bought a little orange version offering an acorn just the other day at Coco & Toulouse Go Shopping. It just makes me smile. I thought I’d share the inspiration!

Do you see wildlife where you live?

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Daydream in Red, White, & Blue

As we gear up for this long weekend, I thought it’d be appropriate to celebrate in patriotic colors whatever your plans may be. This is also to gear up for tomorrow Freebie Friday, which I’m really excited about! It’ll incorporate our nation’s colors into something fun & cute! Stay tuned.

Do you like the combo of red, white, and blue?

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Daydream in Watercolor

When I was in elementary school, I started taking watercolor classes. It was one of the few classes I took in my parents’ attempt to stimulate my brain that really stuck with me. It was held in the upstairs of a bright yellow wood building labelled “Ned’s Deli.” The mom and pop that owned the place rented out the upper level for our classes. I remember looking forward to every Saturday afternoon and the cookies my classmates and I would go buy downstairs that spoiled our appetite! We painted flowers, scenery, and learned techniques. It was such an escape even as a little kid. I still have a huge stack of paintings I had done when I was a kid and I think I was better then than I would be now!

To this day, the beauty of watercolor still strikes a chord with me. Something about how you have to paint with no abandon because once that paintbrush hits the paper, there’s no undoing or erasing. It just is. Also, in life, it wasn’t until graduating college that I was confident enough to embrace the boldness in color of other types of painting and even in clothes. I was always that shy girl in the corner that spoke and acted in the often softer colors of watercolors. I’ve noticed the use of watercolor blending with design nowadays. I’m loving this trend! I love the mix of it with typography and its subtle sweetness it adds to everything.

What do you think? Do you prefer lighter or brighter colors?