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Fashion Partner

{Wish I Was Wednesday} SOLO Eyewear


T-Woods | Peacock | Tribal

Have you started your holiday shopping? I can’t believe how quickly we are approaching the end of the year. Today, instead of an artist I admire, I wanted to introduce you to a brand I admire, SOLO Eyewear. Not only are their bamboo shades stylish works of art, but their cause is wonderful too. Every purchase helps fund eye care for people in need. Each pair of sunglasses are handcrafted and prescription friendly! Plus, the ones with designs are hand painted by the artist. Amazing!

So, get your gift sunglasses orders in and feel great about getting shopping done and helping those less fortunate!

They’re offering to you lucky readers get 10% off SOLO Eyewear through 12/31/13 with code: SOLOten. They also offer free shipping to the contiguous US!

Which pair are your favorite?


{Lust List} Touch Of Sparkle & Color


Kate Spade Sinclair Sunglasses (On Sale $89.90) | Devlin Pleated Skirt (On Sale $58.90) | Tasha Collar Necklace (On Sale $37.90) | Enzo Angiolini Gold Peep Toe Pumps (On Sale $66.90) | Danielle Nicole Faux Leather Clutch (On Sale $37.90)

Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale starts today (through 8/4) and I have a lot of stuff on my wish list. They all seem to have a touch of color or sparkle. No big surprise.

What are you lusting after today?

Fashion Garden Nature Travel

Daydream In The Tropics


Tropical Bikini Top ($19) | Tropical Bikini Bottom ($16) | Urban Outfitter Sunglasses ($10) | Opening Ceremony Tropical Intarsia Sweater ($173) | Tropical Scarf ($30) | Tropical Maxi Dress ($70) | Click and Grow Starter Kit ($80) | Tangelo Tropical Clutch ($45)

It’s supposed to finally be heating up here in the Pacific NW and I can’t wait! We’ve been going between sunshine and sprinkles for a few weeks now (I guess because we got let off easy rainwise this spring). My mom is visiting from California first the first time since I bought the house, so it’ll be giggles and sightseeing this weekend. In the mean time, I hope ya’ll are enjoying the weather and if not, maybe indulge in some retail therapy with these items that remind me of hot tropical places.

How are you embracing tropical print?

Color Fashion Home Decor

Daydream In Lavender


Urbanears Headphones ($60) | Mini Chandelier ($60) | Michael Kors Griffin Sunglasses ($105) | Open Back Contrast Panel Dress ($25) | Faceted Triangle Bracelet ($11) | Maybelline Eye Shadow ($3) | Pauls Boutique Maisy Suede Patent Bag ($114) | Skinny Belt ($11) | Plum & Bow Corsage Shower Curtain ($44) | Cordy Roy Mouse ($24)

I’ve always been drawn to all shades of purple. Maybe because my birthstone is amethyst. The light hue of lavender has been fluttering my heart lately especially with the coming spring.

Do you like lavender?

DIY Paper

{Color Inspiration} Minesweeper Postcards

Pre-dial up days, I would sit at the computer writing papers and I’d take a break by playing solitaire and minesweeper. Not to brag, but I got really good at minesweeper. :) I evenually graduated to the biggest screen and I lived for that little smiley with the sunglasses that popped up when you won the game without getting blown up. I got so excited that I could continue my “streak” with these awesome minesweeper postcards ($2). These are perfect for stocking stuffers or just to send you friends for no other reason than to entertain them.

Did you ever play minesweeper?

Art Design Fashion Food Home Decor Nature Paper Party Patterns Vintage

Daydream In Butterflies

Die Cut Butterflies ($1.50) | Butterfly Umbrella ($20) | Gold Necklace ($48) | Butterfly Sunglasses ($12) | Betsey Johnson Scarf ($38) | Butterfly Garland ($15) | Butterfly Paper Lashes ($24) | Lenox Butterfly Cup & Saucer Set ($10) | Edible Sugar Butterflies ($10) | Hanae Mori Butterfly Fragrance Set ($109) | Butterfly Shopper Tote ($20) | Black Butterfly Dress ($110) | Butterfly Hair Comb ($26) | Oven Mitt (€16) | Butterfly Slipper Shoes ($15)

I remember one of my friends growing up was obsessed with Mariah Carey and along with that butterflies. Now 15 years later, I’m starting to fall for them too. I love their complex and colorful wings. The way they flutter about just mesmerizes me. I hope these pretty butterfly finds inspire you!

PS: These also remind me of the scene in Bridesmaids when the butterfly flies out of the invitation. Haha!

Do you like butterflies?

Color Fashion Home Decor Patterns

Daydream In Neon Yellow

Zest Glass Pitcher ($23) | Carrera Champion Aviator Sunglasses ($145.43) | Eco Highlighter Pencil ($2) |  | nOir Jewelry Highlighter Bracelet ($120) | Neon Belt Bag ($15) | Velvet Torch Stripe Scoop Back Dress ($44) | Paul Smith Skinny Belt ($125.44) | Baby ‘Dalton’ Desert Bootie ($37) | Juicy Couture Gianna Striped Flat Espadrille Shoes ($272.69) | Atelier Biagetti Couch via Design Sponge

The neon craze has been here for a while and I’ve always loved the neon pinks and electric blues, but I have to admit that I never thought I’d have a thing for neon yellow. Recently, I just can’t get it out of my mind! Maybe it’s my deprevation of sunshine or maybe seeing it in stripe form. I don’t know, but I’m so hooked. What about you? Do you love neon yellow?

If you’re hooked, you’ll enjoy this color memory post.

PS: I’m going to try out a simpler “Daydream In” format. Let me know what you think!

Color Design Fashion Home Decor

Daydream In Tangerine Tango

Pantone, the official authority on color, named 2012′s color of the year Tangerine Tango. It’s popping up everywhere! I’m loving how warm yet fresh this reddish orange hue is. It definitely has me energetically pining for Spring and Summer, but that’s what the Daydream posts are all about!


Top to bottom and left to right:

Do you like tangerine tango?

Art Color Design Fashion Home Decor Paper Party Vintage

Daydream In Black and Gold

As much as I love color, I will always love classic pairings like neutrals and metallics or black and white. In a past post I had found fun things in white and gold, so with the holidays coming up and parties at night, I thought black and gold needed its chance to shine.

I think this is one of my go to’s of choice. My everyday bag even happens to be this color. I love how it can translate to classy, wild, sexy, mysterious, or even fun. Hope you enjoy the finds below!

Top to bottom and left to right:

Do you like black and gold?

Color Design DIY Fashion Home Decor Nature Paper Party

Daydream In Coral

I’m not sure why it took me this long to finally admit my love of coral on this blog. I was all about it this summer. It was on my nails, in my jewelry, and I was just drawn to its inherit happiness in everything that I did! Just because it’s nearing autumn doesn’t mean you need to forgo this bright color! It can add such an unexpected splash of color on neutrals or darker tones. In fact I’m brushing the bright color on my nails as we speak or as I type. (This is probably why my nail polish jobs always turn out so horrid. I have huge urges to multitask when I do it!) I hope you enjoy these coral-y finds on this fine Thursday!

Top to bottom:

Do you like coral?