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{Taste} Portland, OR: Basa Basa

A’s mom is a big fan of Caprial Pence and her newest venture is opening a Korean fried chicken shack called Basa Basa. On one of our moving days, we were seeking something with a delicious taste to reward ourselves and we drove on over to try this place out. The iphone pics are a poorly lighted, but the wings were soo good! I’m craving them now as I write. They are definitely crunchy as the cook’s shirt advertises. This isn’t like Bonchon with drumsticks/thighs, but it’s just a really crunchy and juicy wing well glazed in yummy Asian flavors. We opted for the Basa Basa original and the Basa Ono, which had a Thai lemongrass-y twist. The Box comes with rice and mac salad. Yum!

Basa Basa | 2333 NE Glisan, Portland, OR 97232 | (971) 271-8260

What’s your favorite wing place?

Food Portland

{Taste} Portland, OR: Double Dragon

Sometimes you just come across a place where flavors just explode in your mouth like they never had before. Double Dragon was just that place for us recently! After a day of all packing and no food, we finally decided to drag our grumpy selves over to try this relatively new banh mi joint. We both got sweet tea which were full of ginger and cardamom spice. A got a meatball and I got a chicken chorizo banh mi. We shared a coconut cookie while we waited. That coocnut cookie! I want the recipe. it was chewy and flavorful without being too sweet. The sandwiches! They were indeed messy as the “warning” indicated. There were pickled daikon and carrots and spicy sauces spilling from my lightly toasted baguette. Then the chips were choc full of amazing spices too. With all the different smells and flavors, this could very well be my new “chicken soup” to clear my sinuses! Gosh. Everything was so good and i can’t wait to head back to try the other versions as well as their ramen!

Double Dragon | 1235 SE Division Street Portland, OR 97214 | 503-230-8340

Have you had a banh mi? What’s your favorite version?

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{Taste} Portland, OR: Bowery Bagels




You may have seen me instagram about getting bagel sandwiches a couple of weeks ago. I snuck out of the apartment really early on a packing day to get bagel sandwiches to power us through the day. I headed to Bowery Bagels, which I had been dying to try since we passed it on the way home from work one day. I got a salt and pepper bagel with gravalax and a Dan Burnside sandwich (bacon, egg, and cheddar) on a MSG (miso, sesame, ginger) bagel. OMG. These were seriously awesome sauce and I don’t even use that phrase. The MSG bagel had this unique umami taste that was perfect with the bacon and the large flecks of salt went so well with the generous slices of gravalax. I was sad after we finished not because we had a day of packing ahead of us, but that I wanted 10 more. Is that bad to admit?

Bowery Bagels | 310 NW Broadway Portland, OR 97209 | 503-227-NOSH (6674)

What’s your favorite bagel flavor and topping?

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{Taste} Outstanding In Field

Outstanding In The Field

I first heard about this farm dinner event from Oh Happy Day!, the queen of pop-up dinner parties. I couldn’t resist getting tickets for the Portland dinner. We arrived at Stargazer Farms and learned about how this was where they domesticated lillies as we know it when it was settled in the 1800s. It was almost on a cliff overseeing two rivers. I heard they even had a private beach they could walk down to. It also had an active landing strip. It was so neat hearing the owners and farmer talk about their adventures of restoring this once active farm and made it their own. The Outstanding In The Field crew set up a long table on the farm and we essentially ate where our meal came from. The guest chef was Chris DiMinno from Clyde Common so I knew it’d be good food! It was also so fun to strike up conversations with our table neighbors for the night. It seriously made A and I consider moving into the country and having our own farm so we could have dinners like this with friends every night.

Have you ever been to or hosted a farm style dinner?

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{Taste} Portland, OR: Meriwether’s


Meriwether’s | 2601 NW Vaughn St Portland, OR 97210 | 503- 228-1250

One of my favorite places for brunch in town is Meriwether’s (I’ve mentioned it before here). It’s set in the location of the 1905 World’s Fair and has dark wood interiors that make it seem cozy. In the summer, we sit out in the beautifully manicured garden with birdhouses and colorful flowers. Plus, the food is always fast, consistent, and delicious. We’ve pretty much have had everything on the menu now. The corned beef hash served in a skillet, the fresh breakfast pizza, chickpea soccas, the tall and complex huevos rancheros. They get all their produce from their own farm. Today we opted for eggs benedict (the eggs are extra big here!) and the coconut fried chicken and waffles with bacon. Soooo good!

What’s your favorite place to eat outside where you live?

Food Portland

{Taste} Portland, OR: Taste Tickler

Taste Ticker | 1704 NE 14th Ave., Portland, OR 97212 | 503-282-3681

I love Mom & Pop hole in the walls. I’d been curious about Taste Tickler for a while now purely on the name alone. It always had people going in and out of it. The day we went was no different. The street was pretty empty and I swear everyone was just here. There are no frills about this place or its sandwiches, but it’s just good consistent subs served up fresh. They’re piled high and I could barely take a bite. They’re also really cheap! Double win!

What’s your favorite sub place?

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{Taste} Boise, Idaho: Boise Fry Company

Sauces are my weakness. I love having a million options to dip my fries into to make each bite different than the next. Enter Boise Fry Company. This was top on my list to try when we visited Idaho! Besides, it specializes in potatoes & as the saying goes “Do what the Idaho-ians do,” right?

This little unassuming joint is known for it’s many kinds of fries along with it’s unique sauces and flavored salts meant to be mixed and matched into your own faves. They also serve a “side” of burgers. We opted for one beef and one bison in the two flavor choices.

As you can see from the menu, you choose a potato and then you can see the cuts available for that potato. We got the purple potato regular cut fries and Laura potatoes in curly form. Those Lauras! They just taste buttery! I ordered the purples mainly for their color (surprise surprise!), but they were yummy as well. We experimented with the jalapeno, salt and vinegar, vanilla, and rosemary salts and pretty much all the sauces. That blueberry ketchup would’ve been awesome with the sweet potato fries! I’m so craving this for lunch right now!

Boise Fry Company| 111 Broadway, Suite 111, Boise, ID 83702 | 208-495-3858 | 3083 S. Bown Way, Boise, ID 83706 | 208-965-1551 | Twitter | Facebook

What’s your favorite kind of potato?

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{Taste} Boise, Idaho: Flying Pie



Our coworker had hyped up Flying Pie before we left for Idaho and so we had to go just in honor of him. Besides, it was also on Man vs. Food and I love that show! I was prepared for good pizza, but I wasn’t expecting the awesome atmosphere and staff. They have a zipline from the register to clip the order onto and slide to the pizza maker. Fun! Plus, everyone was laid back and they cheered when they found out we were first timers. They even handed over a journal for us to document our first time experience so we could remember forever. It was awesome.

The food was also delish. We ordered the Zerto Magnifico (Olive oil glaze, provolone, Pecorino romano, spinach, linguica, tomatoes, garlic) on sourdough crust and the Contest Combo (Mozzarella, pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage, Italian salami, ground beef, linguica, mushrooms, green peppers, onion, olives) on regular crust. We got free breadsticks as we watched hockey on TV near the bar and waited the pizza’s arrival. The pizzas had a yummy and fresh chewy crust and all the flavors were just so good together. It was perfect after a 12 hour day on our feet at the store opening. I’d go back in a heartbeat!

Flying Pie | 6508 Fairview, Boise,ID | 208-345-0000 | 4320 W State, Boise,ID | 208-384-0000 | Twitter | Facebook

What’s your favorite kind of pizza?

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{Taste} Boise, Idaho: Fork

Back in April, my coworker and I headed out to Boise, Idaho to support one of our new store openings. I did a ton of research (per usual) before I went so we would never be without something fun to do or eat. On the plane, my coworker noticed a lady in the row before us not feeling so hot and so we started up a conversation to distract her from her fear of flying. She recommended Fork and let me tell you. My coworker and I have debated going back to Boise for a vacation just because we loved this restaurant so much.

Not only was the restaurant in an old and beautiful bank building, the menu was varied and unique. We pretty much went through the munchies list and got housemade chips, gorgonzola fries, pulled pork sliders, and tomato basil fondue with grilled cheese for dipping. We ended with little donut holes that came with a peanut butter and dark chocolate dipping sauces and their famous gooey butter cake. Each thing was yummier than the next. We were so food drunk after this meal that we had to wander around downtown just so we could feel better about ourselves!

Fork | 199 N. 8th Street, Boise, Idaho | 208-287-1700

Do you like asking others for food recs when you travel?

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{Taste} Portland: Petite Provence

Some mornings, A is on a quest for a really good mocha and I’m on the quest for really good food. That’s how we came to fall in love with leisurely mornings at Petite Provence. Their crispy and buttery croissants help too. A got eggs benedict with a red wine sauce and I went with the crab and asparagus omelette. We’ve also had their risotto cakes, smoked salmon hash, and other brunch offerings. They’re all really good. I love their butternut squash with home fries served with every plate. Their pastry case is also stare-worthy! It’s like a little slice of Paris right in the neighborhood!

Petite Provence | DivisionAlberta - Lake Oswego - The Dalles

What’s your favorite place to go for mocha?