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{Lust List} Gifts For Mom


Elegant Gardener Gift Set ($25-58)


Tatte Petite Tart Assortment ($65)


Spring Baking Gift Set ($60)


Tory Burch Robinson E-Reader Case ($165) + Kindle Fire HD Tablet ($199)


Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa ($99) + The New Black Floyd Ombre Nail Polish Set ($22)


Kendra Scott Elise Pendant Necklace ($52)

Don’t forget Mother’s Day is this Sunday! Here are some last minute gift ideas that your mom (or yourself) will swoon over. Plus, don’t forget the card! Here is a neon floral one and a heart mom day one that are free to print out.

If you’re in a last minute bind, check out our freebies. All the note cards would be cute printed out, tied with a bow, and given as a stationery set. Or the book reading mom, might like these library bookplates or quote bookmarks.

Enjoy celebrating the woman that gave you life!

What are your Mother’s Day plans?


{Lust List} For Him

“Open Bottle Here” Bottle Opener ($12) | Cloth Charging Cable ($16) | Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb ($75) | Stanley Flask ($22) | Harp Tool ($36) | Flash Drive Cuff Links ($200) | Winter Plaid Scarf ($30) | Bull Catchall ($50) | Nail Ring ($24) | Guitar Pick Punch ($30)

Since everyone is starting their holiday shopping, I thought it’d be fun to do Lust List holiday gift guides through the end of the year. Each Lust List will be dedicated to a person. Hopefully you’ll find something that fits onto your list this year! Today it’s all about him (one of the hardest people to shop for!) whether it be your husband, boyfriend, dad, or brother. Perhaps one of these goodies will fit him perfectly.

Who’s on your shopping list?

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Daydream In Squirrels

Advent Pillow Cover ($40) | Squirrel Sweater ($50) | Gold Squirrel and Acorn Earrings ($10) | Squirrel Print Dress ($40) | Silver Squirrel Nutcracker ($13) | Squirrel Ankle Socks ($6) | Ceramic Squirrel Speaker ($49) | Bag ($77)

Since being in the new place, we experience a lot more wildlife than we did downtown. Just the other day we saw a woodpecker. Squirrels scamper about and it makes me so happy! Thinking about Thanksgiving and decor, I’ve been notcing these little furry cuties everywhere. I bought a little orange version offering an acorn just the other day at Coco & Toulouse Go Shopping. It just makes me smile. I thought I’d share the inspiration!

Do you see wildlife where you live?

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Daydream In Rainbows

Recycled Skateback iPhone Case ($50) | Nasty Gal Woven Rainbow Bag ($48) | Rainbow Plaid Shirt ($17) | Charlotte Olympia Rainbow Pumps ($1095) | Magnet Color Cubes ($16) | Pompearl Necklace ($88) | Impossible Project PX 680 Color Shade Rainbow Color Frame Polaroid Film ($32)

I used to play and sing Rainbow Connection on the piano as a kid and I still find myself humming it from time to time (Kermit the frog was on the cover of the sheet music). With all the rain and storms going on, I can’t imagine a more uplifting thought. After all the rain, a rainbow appears. I hope everyone is staying safe and warm where ever you are.

How is the weather where you are?


{Wish I Was Wed} Leonardo Ulian

When I was young, I remember spending a lot of time at Fry’s. I had an engineer for a father and an aspiring engineer of a brother (it’s no wonder I become an engineer myself). They spent hours looking at little computer components to build their own workstation and the Fry’s also happened to be computer componenet themed so there were capacitor benches and resistors that led your way to the line. So it shouldn’t be surprised that I’m loving these works of art by Leonardo Ulian. It makes me think of them completely differently and as colorful and fun components for art.

Do you like them?

Color Design

{Collecting Rainbows} Retro Phone Headset

One of the things I’m excited about having a house is having a land line. Is that totally weird? I always misplace my phone and I end up running around trying to find it when I hear it ring. I’m loving these retro phone headsets ($14) though. It’d probably make it that much easier to find my phone.

What color of the rainbow would you choose?

Design Food Sweets

{Collecting Rainbows} iPhone Popsicles

It’s not technically summer anymore, but how can anyone resist these adorable popsicle iPhone cases ($25)? Besides, the stick can bend back to be used as a stand. How cute and convenient!

What color of the rainbow would you choose?

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Daydream In Cross Stitch


Vela Cross Stitched Collar and Sweater Clip ($50) | 1950s Cross Stitch Day Dress ($158) | Indiska Cross Stitch Plates via Frau Haselmayer | Cross Stitch Wooden Blank Disc ($7.50)| Stitchin’ Bee Embroidery Kit ($50) | Vintage Stitched Pumps ($36) | Cross Stitch Sampler Letter Set ($11.50) | Cross Stitch Felt Necklace ($18.60) | Finding You Cross-Niche Tee ($39.99) |  | Aldo Mellison Printed Wedge T-Bar Sandals ($107.43) | Light Switch Plate Cover ($8.50) | Skinny Cross Stitch Belt ($28) | Cross Stitch Heart ($75) | Cross Stitch iPhone Case Kit

In an elementary school summer school class is where I learned to cross stitch. It was the perfect craft to keep our little kid hands busy. I even remember meeting my childhood penpal in that class. We kept in touch all the way through high school and we shared many kid secrets, fears, and exciting moments through hand written letters every week. We originally bonded over this old timey craft and I’m delighted to still see it every where. Revived into a cool new trend even!

Do you like to cross stitch? Do you like the motif on objects other than fabric?

DIY Fashion Home Decor Paper Patterns Vintage

Daydream In Herringbone

With winter temperatures still here, herringbone just looks extra cozy these days. The older sister of chevron just exudes warmth. I’m loving it in jackets, paper, and even dressers and floors. I love how classy with a touch of different it is.


Top to bottom & left to right:

Do you like herringbone?

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Daydream In Cats

Not having any pets at home when I was young, I remember having a fascination with cats when I used to go on walks with my grandma. I learned to meow and they adored the affection I gave them. Much to my mother’s dismay, I probably brought just about all of my neighborhood cats into the house at some point. I’d hug them, pet them, and fed them treats as they purred happily.

On my recent trip home, I saw neighbor cats running about and exploring in my backyard and it took me back. I thought I’d dedicate a post to all cat lovers. Even if you’ve not yet been swayed by cats, the finds below are so cute that you may change your mind!

Top to bottom and left to right:

Are you a cat lover?