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{Taste} Portland, OR: Basa Basa

A’s mom is a big fan of Caprial Pence and her newest venture is opening a Korean fried chicken shack called Basa Basa. On one of our moving days, we were seeking something with a delicious taste to reward ourselves and we drove on over to try this place out. The iphone pics are a poorly lighted, but the wings were soo good! I’m craving them now as I write. They are definitely crunchy as the cook’s shirt advertises. This isn’t like Bonchon with drumsticks/thighs, but it’s just a really crunchy and juicy wing well glazed in yummy Asian flavors. We opted for the Basa Basa original and the Basa Ono, which had a Thai lemongrass-y twist. The Box comes with rice and mac salad. Yum!

Basa Basa | 2333 NE Glisan, Portland, OR 97232 | (971) 271-8260

What’s your favorite wing place?

Food Portland

{Taste} Portland: Nong’s Khao Man Gai


Nong’s Khao Man Gai (aka: Crack in a sack) is one of my go to cravings. Something about its simplicity and clean flavors have me coming back for more (sometimes every week). It’s times like these that I’m so glad my work day starts at 6:30am just so I can rush here after work right before the carts close for the day. It’s poached chicken served with fragrantly spiced rice, springs of cilantro, and cucumber slices. There is a little cup of ginger garlic sauce you pour over the whole thing. It comes with some soup to cleanse your palette. It’s so simple, but I dare you to go just once!

Nong’s Khao Man Gai | SW 10th & Alder St. | 411 SW College St. | 609 SE Ankeny ST Suite B, Portland, OR 97214

Food Portland

{Taste} Portland: Siam Society

Siam Society was a new to us find. A talked about how it used to be a deserted building he and his friend want to buy to convert into an awesome venue. This night, A and I stopped in for a short notice date night. The tables were booked, so we opted for a seat at the bar. Sometimes we find it more fun and easier to have conversation since we’re sitting next to each other. The bartender was friendly and made sure we were always cared for through the night. We have a weakness for housemade sodas and so A got a ginger mint soda & I got the hibiscus version. Both were flavorful and refreshing. It transported us to Thailand a bit. We got the mussels in cream sauce for an app and roasted lamb and a curry chicken with crispy noodles for our entrees. We wanted to drink the cream sauce the mussels were in. Is that weird? Both meats were extremely tender and complexly flavored. We had to get dessert when I saw they had cardamom ice cream. It was creamy and perfumed with the spice. It paired perfectly with the chocolate cake. It made for a happy Saturday night.

Siam Society2703 NE Alberta St., Portland, OR 97211 | 503-922-3675

Food Portland

{Taste} Portland: PaaDee

Many of you may not know, but one of my big true loves besides crafting is food. In other words, I am a huge foodie. It started at a young age when I would argue with my mom at 3 years old that I wanted to eat out and would point at arbitrary buildings that were most likely not restaurants. The love grew even more when I went to college. I was so into it I even ended up TAing a healthy cooking class for a couple of years and crammed 3 students in my tiny studio apartment each week to teach them how to supreme citruses and what the number meant when you buy shrimp. I literally set up tables next to my bed to prep food because my kitchen couldn’t fit 4 bodies!

Food is a huge part of my life. I’m always experimenting and always trying new places. I thought it would be fun to begin showing you around town in the way of food through this new {Taste} blog series. Portland, Oregon is starting to make itself known in the foodie realm and so I hope to bring you to the well known and the not so well known. I hope you enjoy.

First up! PaaDee. This is the child of the owners of Mississippi’s Mee Sen and Goose Hollow’s Kinara Thai Bistro. Mee Sen will definitely up on a future {Taste}. PaaDee serves up unexpected Thai fare. A and I went for Thai brunch on a snowy day and their large windows were perfect for gazing out into the lightly falling rain with a cup of tea/coffee, of course.

The ambiance is open and simple, but inviting. We opted for the steak and eggs, fried chicken crepe, and a coconut french toast to share. Honestly, each bite was better than the next. The steak was perfectly cooked and had a unique seasoning. The fried chicken was drizzled with a fish sauce concoction similar to a Vietnamese Nuoc Cham. The french toast was teeming with coconut flavor and light sweetness. It was all so good. I’ll have to go back for dinner. Plus, don’t you love that Thai comic book check?

PaaDee | 6 SE 28th Ave, Portland, OR 97214 | 503-360-1453