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{Wish I Was Wed} Laura Trevey

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I’m such a sucker for watercolor + fashion. These would be such cute prints in my new closet! They’d inspire me to put together cute and colorful outfits.

Where do you get inspiration for outfits?

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{Color Memory} Summer Wave Pillow & Seagull Print Top

Summer Wave Pillow (On Sale $19) | Seagull Print Top (£38)

With the recent hints of warmer weather ahead, I’m getting pumped for summer & all the things we love to do. Going to the river, picnicking, long bike ride adventures, and, of course, going to the beach! These two finds not only reminded me of each other, but make me want to begin hoarding sunglasses.

What are your favorite things to do in the summer?

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Daydream In Burnt Orange & Brown

As I’m looking forward to spring and bright colors, I’m thinking about the neutrals that tie it all together too. I’m loving the combo of burnt orange and brown. They’d look awesome with something bright pink or graphic. If you love these colors separately, you may also like the Daydream In Rust and Daydream In Tangerine Tango posts.

(Top to Bottom & Left to Right): West Elm Found Orange Textured Moroccan Rug ($999) | Burnt Orange Watercolor Feather Print ($4.50) | To Be Adored Amelie Dress ($180) | Mod Cloth Upper Haight Shoulder Bag ($170) | Free People Vintage Beaded Claw Necklace ($148) | Burberry Check Stamped Leather Strap Watch ($495) | Crate & Barrel Roy Vase ($15) | Kate Spade Tabitha Flats ($225)

Do you like the combo of burnt orange and brown?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} The 10 Best for Year One

The {Wish I Was Wednesday} was my way of showcasing the incredible talent that surrounds us. There is so much to learn from illustrators, photographers, designers, and others that pursue their life’s passion. It’s so rewarding to delve into their portfolios and websites to better understand their thoughts, background, and influences so that I can introduce them to you each week.

Here are your 10 favorites of Year One:

1. Marc Johns

2. Jen Wick Studios

3. Sasha Prood

4. Klas Fahlen

5. Dave Hakkens & Interview

6. Andrew B. Myers

7. Klaus/Leontjew

8. Myeongbeom Kim

9. Jordan Elsie of Horrible Adorables

10. Tatsuro Kiuchi

What was your favorite {Wish I Was Wednesday} this year? Who would you like to see featured?

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{Color Inspiration} The Chromatic Typewriter

A has always been into the past. All things vintage. He’s there. He used to type all his papers with a Royal typewriter all the way into high school just because he 1) wanted to be a rebel & 2) was just so into it. After graduation, his parents donated a lot of his “old” stuff to Goodwill and recently we found a lot of it at a local antique shop. Literally his exact stuff. Old erector toys he made and there we found his Royal. His old song lyrics still on the ribbon that he had specifically hand-wound to fit this typewriter. There it sat for over $200. He was so bummed!

I have to admit that like A, I still romanticize about clanking away at an old typewriter to get my thoughts to paper. There’s just such a satisfying sound. With this project by artist Tyree Callahan I saw on ManMade, I have all the reasons I need to buy an antique typewriter (as if I ever needed one to begin with).

The Chromatic Typewriter is a 1927 Underwood typewriter that Tyree replaced the typebars with ink pads. Each cooresponding key is labelled with the color and the shift key even works with each key to activate another color. This amazing work of art makes creating original pieces incredibly easy and beautiful.

Are you into vintage typewriters? What do you think about transforming them into something new?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Tomek Sadurski

Collage. Watercolor. Simple bold color. Fashion. All things I love. When these come together into works of art, I pretty much fall in love. Tomek Sadurski’s work is a combination of simple and complex. I love his collaboration with photographer Marcin Tyszka as well. The melding of photographs and illustration of talented artists is always a treat.


{Tomek Sadurski} WebsiteTwitter

Do you like his illustration and collage style?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Lora Zombie

Since seeing her depressed superheroes series on Fab, I was hooked. Kind of like the darker version of Pixar movies that show you this completely different world through another’s eyes, 21 year old Russian painter Lora Zombie shows the deeper side of comic book heroes and other figures we might’ve grown up with. I love her style, use of lots of color, and subject. I love it all!


{Lora Zombie} WebsiteDeviantArtFacebookTwitter

Have you ever thought about the lives of imaginary characters or objects?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Conrad Roset

I absolutely love watercolors. That paired with pen ink and simple lines and I’m sold. The works of Barcelona based illustrator Conrad Roset are not only colorful, they have an amazing simplicity that I can’t resist. I love his use of watercolor and his choices of colors just make his work stand out. I also love the organic feel of the watercolor dripping down the page in some of his work. A book of his inspiration, life, and pieces is in the works too. See more of his work in the links at the end of the post.

{Conrad Roset} PortfolioBlogShopFlickrFacebookTwitter

Do you like the look of colorful watercolors?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Samantha Hahn & Heather Culp Collaboration


I just love following Samantha Hahn on her blog Maquette. I love her work and I love seeing her latest inspiration and drawings/paintings. I also love the photography of Heather Culp. They could really both have their own entry of Wish I Was Wednesday. When I saw that they were collaborating, I was stoked! I just love the dreamy yet colorful images they’ve come up with.

{Samantha Hahn & Heather Culp Collaboration} Recent Blog PostFlickr

Do you like the combination of photography and painting or drawing?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} My Dead Pony

Belgium-based mixed media artist Raphaël Vicenzi aka My Dead Pony quickly caught my attention on Design for Mankind. I love fashion sketches, watercolors, and just his incorporation of patterns, words, small objects, and illustration into something really interesting.

My Dead Pony: PortfolioColageneTumblrBehanceDeviantArtShop

Do you like fashion inspired art?