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{Smell The Roses} Oregon International Air Show

A’s parents bought 4 Oregon International Air Show tickets this year and invited us along. I had never been and A hadn’t been since he was a kid so were were both super excited! It was one of the hottest weekend we had seen in Portland this summer, but it was so much fun eating random carvinal snacks and watch the wonder of these airplanes. Everything they did was so impressive. Swoops, point turns, purposeful parachute/engine failure, and the jetpack truck! It really made us appreciate the history of human invention as well as our US military. This year’s star attraction were the USAF Thunderbirds. They were incredible! We’ll definitely be headed their next year for the Navy Blue Angels! (Photos by A.)

Have you ever been to an air show?

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{Wordless Weekend Recap} Giveaway: La Sardina Wide Angle Camera

 This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for your participation.

Whether it be with my Instagram, Mr. Pink Diana, or my Nikon DSLR, my cameras are an essential part of every {Wordless Weekend Recap} post. I recently bought my own wide angle lomography camera and I thought the La Sardina Wide Angle Lomography Camera was the perfect prize for a giveaway for my beloved readers so I got you one too! The La Sardina Sea Pride features a fantastic wide angle lens, a rewind dial and MX switch so you can shoot multiple exposures, a film cartridge window so you always know what film you’re shooting, a bulb setting for night-time and long-exposure experimentation, and much more! I’m so excited to try mine out!


  • Leave a comment with what you’d take a picture of with your new La Sardina Wide Angle Camera.


Feel free to use to the following tweet:
#GIVEAWAY TIME! Win a @Lomography La Sardina Wide Angle Camera at @daydreamincolor! http://tinyurl.com/7boq9sr

This giveaway is open internationally and closes on Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at 12PM PST.

Good luck!

Stay tuned to colorful giveaways all week long!

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(PS: Daydream In Color is not affiliated with the shop or maker of this product. I’m simply holding a giveaway of things I love to share my appreciation of each and every one of you!)

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{Weekend Recap} The 10 Best Of Year One

A & I have always made it an effort to have adventures on the weekends, but I never made a huge effort to capture it on film, digital or real. The {Weekend Recap} feature has really made me bring my camera everywhere I go! I look like such a tourist, but entertaining ya’ll which makes it all worth it.

Here are some of favorites of yours and mine in year one of Daydream In Color.

1. Bob’s Red Mill, Wooden Shoes, and Fields of Tulips

2. Thanksgiving, Japanese Hot Dogs, and Collecting Rocks

3. Brunching, Rice Pudding, and Pawdicure

4. iPhone 4S, Apple Festival, and Party Prep

5. Pumpkin Patch, Corn Maze, and a 1930s Burger Joint

6. Plucky Maiden Junk Fest, Tons of Cupcakes, and A Wedding

7. Lavender Festival, Sauvie Island, and Christmas In July

8. Flying Swings, Birding, and a Tiger Cub

9. Crafty Wonderland, White Choc Mousse, and a New Friend

10. Embroidery Class, Circus, and a 50′s Joint

What was your favorite Weekend Recap post?

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{Wordless Weekend Recap} Tyron Creek State Park, Llama Sighting, and an Old Bridge

How was your weekend?

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{Wordless Weekend Recap} Snow Chasing, Lots of Food, and An Offering

How was your weekend?

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{Weekend Recap} New Years, A’s Birthday, and A Trainyard Picnic

My best friend and her boyfriend visited for New Years and we had so many fun adventures. But, of course, since we were having such a great time, I completely forgot to capture them on my camera. All I have to show for it is this:

Plastic bubbles we made. Did you every play with those little plastic bubble paste that comes in a metal tube and you wrap around a straw to blow unpoppable bubbles? Yea, we realized we kind of sucked at it. It was fun trying though! PS: Carcassonne (in the background) is seriously my new addiction.

We also tried to do some block printing, so I got one of these from Ink & Peat:

We ended up carving our own lino and using those instead.

Then we went to a local store to get ingredients to make popsicles on N’s new zoku pop and I decided to snap a pic of the pretty carrots:

Last week was also A’s birthday so I dragged him to get a sombrero:

We celebrated a few times this week and I’m hoping he had a good on this year.

This weekend we also decided to get some food from here:

And then picnic & take film pictures here:

People driving by thought we were crazy because it was super cold. It was so nice though and the food was delicious! You must try their savory green onion shrimp coconut pancakes.

How was your New Years? How was your first 2012 weekend?

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{Weekend Recap} Lovely Package Exchange, Peacock Lane, and The Holiday Box Continues

I finally got out my gift for my Oh Hello Friend Lovely Package Exchange! My exchange partner was into knit/crochet & handmade, so I went for a handmade knit cup I found at Portland Bazaar from Schoolhouse Electric and some mulling spices and tassel earrings I made.


We finally went to catch the lights on Peacock Lane. It was chilly, but lots of fun looking at all the decorations!

Work on the holiday box continues. I finished several, so I will be playing Santa Claus today as I secretly drop them off at friends’ homes. More pictures & details to come!

How is the holiday rush coming? Did you have a good weekend?

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{Wordless Weekend Recap} Portland Bazaar, Portland Meadows, and Working On the Holiday Box


Are you ready for the holidays? How was your weekend?

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{Wordless Weekend Recap} Thanksgiving, Japanese Hot Dogs, and Collecting Rocks

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you have a long weekend? Did you go Black Friday shopping?

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{Wordless Weekend Recap} Historic Mill, Heritage Holiday Faire, and Body Worlds

How was your weekend?