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{Wordless Weekend Recap} Brunching, Rice Pudding, & Pawdicure

Did you have a good weekend?

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{Wordless Weeked Recap} One Day Weekend of Antiquing, Driving, and Korean Market-ing

How was your weekend?

Food Nature Portland Vintage

{Wordless Weekend Recap} Brunching, Antiquing, and Long Drives

How was your weekend?


{Weekend Recap} Cleaning, The Red Balloon, and More Cleaning


This weekend was really mellow. It was really all about the cleaning. There’s still more to go, but a lot of organizing has been done. Jake the Bunny and his “farm” are now back downstairs for him to make all the noise he wants at night and lots of my clothes and jewelry have made it back to their rightful place. I remember in college I always knew if my mind was a mess because my apartment was a total war zone, but the opposite is  true too. When the place is clean, my mind is clear to be imaginative and free. A and I treated ourselves to one of his favorite childhood movies on Netflix when we were taking a break. If you’ve never seen The Red Balloon, you definitely should. It is the sweetest little tale.

Do you like cleaning? How was your weekend?

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{Weekend Recap} iPhone 4S, Apple Festival, & Party Prep

This weekend was pretty laid back. I finally turned in my out of date Blackberry for an iPhone 4S and boy was I excited! I signed up for instagram, so some of you might’ve seen my weekend already. You can see the latest photos posted on my twitter or be a follower on my instagram! I absolutely love the Siri feature. In fact, my brother’s company worked on the technology, which makes it even cooler for me.






How was your weekend?


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{Weekend Recap} Playing, Retail Therapy, and Raw Food

I’m a super foodie. I won’t deny it and, truthfully, I can be kind of snotty about it sometimes. I’ve been into food since I was young. I’m definitely from a family that likes their food! Then, I really started cooking in college when Food Network was pretty much never off while I hung around in my little studio. I helped teach a cooking decal class at Cal and I had 3 people squished into my really tiny kitchen once a week for it (I pretty much had to set up a prep station in my “bedroom/studio” so we weren’t all over each other). Besides all this though, sometimes our bodies need a break. I treated myself to an all raw weekend.

I had been working hard all week, so I decided to visit some raw restaurants this weekend and they were seriously some of the best food I’ve had in general! I also felt amazing and full of energy afterwards. If you’re ever in the mood for a light weekend, I definitely recommend trying out a local raw restaurant or fixing up some of your own raw recipes. They’re usually really simple and the fruits and veggie shine. It’s pretty fun! If you’re interested, I’ll gladly share the raw stuffed mushroom recipe I made this weekend with pepita pate. Yum!

One local cart called Kitchen Dances in the Belmont food cart court really will change your thoughts about vegan/raw.

I had marinara golden beet ravioli stuffed with pesto and cashew ricotta on top of an amazing red beet, tomato, apple, greens with oregano viniagrette.

I rounded it out with a lemon cheesecake made with cashew and coconut milk with a nut and agave nectar crust. It just melted in my mouth. It was so incredible!

How was your weekend? Would you ever go raw?


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{Weekend Recap} Pumpkin Patch, Corn Maze, & a 1930s Burger Joint

This weekend we finally visited the pumpkin patch that A has talked about for years. I honestly didn’t believe it existed. He claimed you rode a boat out to a pumpkin patch, picked your plumpies (as we call them), and rode a train back. That just logistically couldn’t exist! On top of that he claimed there was a shark in the lake. Suuuuure….



Yea, I was just as surprised as you and he was as proud as ever to be right.

Lake View Farms was quite possibly the best pumpkin patch I’ve ever been to. Not that I’m a pumpkin patch expert, but we go every year and this is pretty much at the top of the list now. They have a corn maze, hay stacks and mazes, catepillar and pony rides for the kids, boat, train, and lots of varieties of pumpkins. And, of course, the shark and water dragons also sold me.

One of A’s fave was this cool lacy pumpkin. It kind of changed colors in the back so it looked rainbowy!

Here’s our loot. I’d never seen saffron flowers before. I’m guessing they were named for their color, but I could resist the idea of buying flowers named after the world’s most expensive spice! I’m such a food nerd.

We also ended up going bowling this weekend and suffered two “sports injuries” to which we blamed our really poor game. We dropped into this little burger joint that has been there since 1935. How rockin’ is that! Their burgers were huge and tasty too!

How was your weekend?

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{Wordless Weekend Recap} Seattle, Polish Festival, and Rainy Day Boardgames

How was your weekend?

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{Weekend Recap} Mt. Angel Oktoberfest, Hot Pot City, Yelp Party @ OMSI

I couldn’t resist doing a written post because so much happened this weekend! I have some pictures from the Mt. Angel OktoberFest to share. I had never gone before and seeing pictures, we knew it’d be crowded. A is not a huge fan of such things, but I forced him to go anyways. We had so much fun. We skipped out on the bier & wein gartens because we still had a Yelp party to go to that night, but I felt like I was transported straight to Germany. There were guys in lederhosen & lots of women in dirndls plus lots of shops that would happily measure you and outfit you so. There were sausages and kraut everywhere you turned. Lots of arts and craft vendors too.

We pretty much went straight to OMSI for our Yelp Pley party at night. I’m not sure if I’ve ever brought it up, but I’ve been a part of the Yelp Elite Portland team for about 3-4 years now. They are an awesome group of people and we have a lot of fun parties. This party was to celebrate their Game On 2.0 exhibit, which has pretty much every game console and game that ever was produced all in working and playing condition.  People definitely dressed up for the occasion. Frogger, Street Fighters, Mario, Toad, and Princess. There is also a Narnia exhibit currently going on with catapults and their movie costumes and movie science tricks. The whole museum was open for us to play in too. OMSI does an After Dark night for adults with drinks and snacks every month that is like a mini version of our party. They said the next one is 80s themed with dancing. Sounds awesome, right?

We calmed it down Sunday with a nice long car ride during which we discovered the little town of Orient and dinner at Hot Pot City, which is super close to my place, but I never knew was there. If you’ve never had hot pot, I’d highly suggest it. Think of it as broth fondue. You choose your flavor of soup when you sit down, and the waiter sparks up your hot plate and gives you your soup. You go through the buffet and choose meats, veggies, seafood, and noodles to cook in your broth. Then you made a fun sauce to dip your cooked food in for more flavor. A hadn’t had it before and he loved it. It’s really interactive, fun, and totally clears your sinuses!

Last night, we decided that it was time to allow Jake the bunny to hang out outside of the cage while we slept. (He usually has supervised play time when we get home from work, but we put him back in his cage at night because he gets really sneaky when we’re not looking.) He hopped on the bed lots of times and flopped/laid next to me when I slept. He licked my face a few times to see if I was awake and let me tell you it’s weird and cute waking up to a bunny in your face! He kind of ruined it in the morning by being bad and I didn’t sleep much because I had a fear of rolling onto him in the middle of the night, but we’ll see how it goes for trial night #2 soon.

The softest black sheep.

That building in the back, is a regular apartment building in their town.

All the vendors had the cutest German decorated huts/trailers/houses.

A “normal” bar in their town. Frank-N-Steins!

Gorgeous dried flower crowns with ribbon.

How was your weekend?

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{Wordless Weekend Recap} Vancouver Sausage Fest, Washougal River, Under The Weather

How was your weekend?