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Fashion Patterns

Daydream In Eyes


1Kenzo Eye Print Sweater ($348) | 2Eye Eye Mask | 3Bank Eye Print Scarf (£10) | 4Evil Eye Studs ($18) | 5Ceramic Eye Dish ($34) | 6Wendy Nichol Embroidered Eye Of Horus Bullet Bag ($1225) | 7Lulu Guinness Eye Coin Purse (£75) | 8Banzai Woven Eye Dress ($804) | 9Keep An Eye Out Skirt (€57) | 10Del Toro Eye And Winking Eye Slippers ($424)

It all started with those tiny brass evil eye studs. I started wanting more. They’re so creepy and cute. I didn’t know those could even be a description for something together! I had been dreaming up a pillow version for years now, so maybe a tutorial is in the future! We came back from Cabo San Lucas last week and those blue and white ceramic eyes by Leah Goren remind me of all the pretty pottery they have there. I just can’t get enough of little eyes staring back at me.

What about you? Are you a fan of eyes and eye print?

Design Fashion Home Decor Patterns

Daydream In Black & White Grid


1Grid Print Shirt ($18) | 2Grid Stud Earrings ($10) | 3Vintage Grid Coffee Mug ($15) | 4Half Circle Windowpane Satchel ($160) | 5Industrial Grid Jewelry Holder ($50) | 6May28th & Kate Spade Saturday Windowpane Watch ($50) | 7Grid Tea Towel ($22) | 8Grid Print Platform Sandals ($21) | 9Grid Dress ($68)

I will also have a spot in my heart for a break in color and going back to the basics of black and white. You may remember this recent B&W Polka Dot post. Today I’m going more modern graphic with a black and white grid pattern. I love both the square graph paper version and the painterly version like in that cute tea towel.

PS: If you like grids and lists, you’d love this freebie printable! Stay tuned for a fun tutorial with B&W grid soon!

Do you like black and white grid patterns?

Fashion Home Decor Paper Party Patterns

Daydream In Black and White Polka Dots



Zimmermann Resort 2014 Polka Dot Ruffle Dress | Polka Dot Wallpaper | Polka Dot Pillows In Room | Polka Dot Bridesmaids Photo by Amy Majors Photography | Polka Dot Baby Annoucements ($350) | J.Crew Minuit Big Dot Linen Dress ($148) | Deborah Lippmann Staccato Nail Polish ($19) | Kate Spade Polka Dot iPhone Case ($40) | Black & White Polka Dot Luggage Tag ($9) | Black & White Polka Dot Bow Heels ($58) | Sweet Dot Jeans ($62) | Black & White Polka Dot Washi Tape ($3.50) | Black & White Polka Dot Leather Tote

I have a white dress filled with black polka dots and every time I wear it, it makes me feel extra summer-y. It got me thinking about how fun yet classic this pattern is. Come daydream with me today in all things black and white polka dot.

Do you like this pattern?

Art Design DIY Home Decor Paper

{Loved & Noted} Live Simply, Canvas Furniture, DIY Batik Dye, & Cardboard Alphabet


This week I’m really trying to think about only the basics I need with this Live Simply print ($20).

Canvas hanging furniture would be perfect for small spaces.

I’ve been dye-ing (pun totally intended!) to try my hand at batik since I read a book about it from the library. This version by Kelli Murray is so simple and pretty.

This cardboard alphabet by Weekday Carnival is so simple yet effective.

The {Loved & Noted} series touches on inspiration from creatives and fellow bloggers all over the world.

Nature Photography

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Ákos Major Waterscapes




Austrian based photographer Ákos Major’s beautiful waterscapes have me wishing I was elsewhere. In fact, it’s my guy bestie’s birthday today so I wish I was in the Bay Area celebrating with him! I hope he has as relaxing and lovely a birthday as these waterscapes.

{Ákos Major} Waterscapes

Where do you wish you were today?

Fashion Home Decor

Daydream In Lucite


CC Skye Lucite Clutch ($275) | Louis Ghost Chair ($410) | Lanvin Lucite Wedge Sandal ($1590) | Alexis Bittar ($275) | Lucite Trunk | Jonathon Adler Lucite Lamp ($487) | Natasha Couture Bead & Chain Necklace ($24) | Nesting Tables ($130)

With Spring around the corner, lucite is bound to be another fun trend. Since getting the nesting tables above, I can’t seem to stop looking at any piece of furniture that features lucite. It not only helps make a space look bigger, it’s fun when they’re injected with a hint of color. That clutch and those wedges (a pretty splurge!) would definitely go with everything.

Are you a fan of lucite?

Art Nature Paper Patterns

{Wish I Was Wed} Christina Empedocles

{Christina Empedocles} Website

A single word: WOW. These wax pencil drawings on paper by Christina Empedocles just fly off the page.

Have you ever used wax pencils in drawing?

Design Food Home Decor Vintage

Daydream In Stone Marble


Marble Title Background | Marble Wallpaper (€67.50) | Marble Pastry Board ($130) | Michael Kors Marble Print Dress ($1013) | Marble Salt Box ($26) | Vintage Marble Lamps ($695/2) | Marble Cake Stand ($128) | Marble Butter Keeper ($16) | Marble Print Flats ($78) | Marble Rolling Pin ($90) | Marble Cheese Board With Slicer ($13) | Marble Mortar & Pestle ($14-25) | Marble Cord Necklace (£28) | Saarinen Round Dining Table ($1800-4645) | Marble Fruit Bowl ($50)

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of marble. Since getting our new home, I’ve been obsessing about the stuff and I want every antique marble table or marble top dresser we come across. I don’t know what it is. Its beautifully natural pattern, its cold smoothness, or maybe even the thoughts of rolling out pie dough on a cold winter’s day. I just can’t get enough of it these days. I was lucky enough to get a marble pastry board from my bff one year that has a permanent place on my counter for when the baking (or cold stone-ing) urge hits. Now I was to deck out the rest! (If marbling in the colorful graphic sense is more your thing, check out this past daydream post!)

Do you like marble?

Art Nature Photography Travel

{Wish I Was Wed} Hengki Koentjoro

Black and white have such a classy striking contrast. In photography, it really brings out what you are trying to capture. Such is the case with Hengki Koentjoro’s work. Each is more breathtaking than the next. I really couldn’t stop browsing through it all until I was finished.

Have you ever experimented with black and white film or photography?

Fashion Home Decor Nature Paper

Daydream In Zebras

Zebra Bust ($68) | Letterpress Zebra Coasters ($14) | Zebra Necklace (£12) | Marc Jacobs iPhone 4 Julio Case ($48) | Orange Zebra Scarf ($17) | Zebra Wallpaper ($395) | Pink Zebra Notebook (€66) | Zebra Salt & Pepper Shakers ($19) | Zebra Woven Tunic ($68)

Looking through my half unpacked closet, I was trying to see what I might actually be for Halloween this year. I realized I had a lot of black and white stripes in shirt, dress, and sweater form. Suddenly ideas of becoming a zebra seemed likely. I’ll probably need some ears, mask, and a tail, but these all seem very DIY-able. In the mean time, I’ll be daydreaming in zebras.

Do you like zebras?