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{Lust List} Neutral Winter Essentials


Camel Black Trimmed Cape ($18) | White Knit Infinity Scarf ($4) | Polka Dot Mittens ($5) | British Style Lace Up Boots ($35)

All of a sudden, it’s winter here. It was 32 degrees F this morning when I got out of the car and I was cold to the core! So, I’m lusting after stylish neutrals to add to my wardrobe that I’ll wear time and time again.

I recently partnered up with Everbuying and I’m seriously loving everything they have! The lastest fashions at wholesale prices plus free shipping. The pictures provide great styling options.

I think my favorite thing about winter are all the accessory options! Cute gloves or mittens, scarves, and hats all topped off with a jacket. Check out their jacket collection. There’s a mix of both classy and on trend. I also have a soft spot for cute sweater dresses.

What are you shopping for this season?

Note: This post is written in partnership with Everbuying. All words and opinions are my own. Posts like these help us provide colorful inspiration to all you lovelies. Thanks for tuning in!


{Color Palette} Ice Hockey Gal


Photo by Matsuki Kousuke via SF Girl By Bay

A used to love to ice skate. His dream is to drag me to the rink. My only experience on the ice was in 4th grade when I went with my friend thinking I could pick it up and her dad ended up having to lead me in the outer beginner ring where you cling to the sides. It was embarrassing to say the least. I’ve been fearful, but dreams of looking cute bundled up and taking retro style photos is quite good encouragement.

PS: The rest of Matsuki Kousuke’s work is awesome.

Have you ice skated before?

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{Color Palette} Cozy Couch With Animals

Photo via Anthropologie

With the winter in full swing (this morning was 22 degrees here!), there’s nothing cozier than sitting on the couch with our fuzzy beasts and warm blankets with hot cocoa and a good book. Aww this makes me want to snuggle with my pet bunny Jake.

Do you have pets?

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{Collecting Rainbows} Chocolate Mugs

My favorite thing to wrap my paws around when the air starts cooling down is hot chocolate. There is something so comforting about it. Topped with a few marshmallows and this adorable pastel chocolate cup ($17) and I’d be golden!

What’s your favorite warm drink?

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{Collecting Rainbows} Cozy Herringbone Throws




Let be honest. Half the fun of the cold weather is cozying up with a blanket and taking it slow. Whether that means with a book you can’t put down, a loved one, a fuzzy pet, or a mug of your favorite creamy hot chocolate. It really doesn’t matter, but the blanket is definitely a key factor. A fireplace also couldn’t hurt.


These classy and beautifully woven herringbone throws ($225) are just the thing. Now you just have to pick a color or two if you are one of those friends that gives amazing gifts! Pair it with your favorite book or hot cocoa and they’ll love you forever!


What color of the rainbow would you choose?

DIY Paper Patterns Printables

{Freebie Friday} Happy Holidays Star Card

It’s that time of year! I thought I’d give me and everyone the benefit of the doubt and post a holiday card freebie in the beginning of the month so we can all be good little kids and be done with them right off the bat! Right?

The color palette for this simple little card comes from Tuesday’s Jill Start SS2012 Collection post. Who says I can’t have fun bright colors for cards this year even if it’s freezing temperatures outside?


  • Template
  • Printer
  • Card stock
  • Ruler
  • Scoring tool or an out of ink pen
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Optional: Envelopes and seals


  1. Click on desired template to open.
  2. Print on card stock.
  3. With ruler placed along the outside dotted lines, score the card fold.
  4. With scissors or a paper cutter, cut along the solid black lines.
  5. Write your message, place in an envelope and apply a seal, if desired, stamp, and send off your holiday cheer!









 This week we’ve:

Do you still send or give holiday cards each year?

DIY Food Paper Patterns Printables

{Freebie Friday} Pill Pattern Get Well Soon Cards

With the seasons changing, lots of people around us are bound to be catching some sniffles soon. In fact, I’m starting to get stuffy throughout the day. I thought I’d be prepared with a cute and bright Get Well Soon card inspired by yesterday’s Daydream In Pills post. Although I’ve never gotten a Get Well Soon card myself, I remember feeling really awful one time in college and my then neighbor and guy BFF brought me a Chocolate Thing from The Cheese board Collective and I was over the moon! There’s nothing chocolate can’t solve. This card tied up with a little bar of chocolate or tea bag or can of soup would be enough to help me get better from any cold!

PS: There’s a tiny sneak peek at a product I’m preparing for the store. Hand painted wooden clips!


  • Template
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • A2 envelope, if desired


  1. Click on template to open and print on cardstock
  2. Cut out cards along solid lines.
  3. Fold in half or along dotted line.
  4. Write your message and slip into an envelope, if desired.
  5. Tie onto a little get well treat!



This week we’ve:

Do you like getting or giving get well cards?