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Art Color Party

{Wish I Was Wednesday} The Color Condition




I ‘ve found my newest color idols in The Color Condition. They pop up at events, displays, and whatever to streamer the place up into a beautiful flowy explosion of color and movement. The streamers are made from tablecloths, painter drop cloths, shower curtains, etc. So pretty and fun!

Where would you want a streamer installation?

Design Fashion Partner

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Hanh Lam


I’m a sucker for a good cause & even more for good design. So, when these two things come together such as with Hanh Lam‘s designs for The Young Designers Collective (YDC), I’m sold! In the picture above, I’m wearing the edgy Ramona earrings designed by Hanh Lam. The cute little tassels are made with Alabaster white calf skin leather and topped with patina treated brass bobbles.

Part of the proceeds for everything in the YDC shop go towards a wonderful cause supported by the designer. Ten percent of these earrings’ proceeds go towards Book Aid International, a non-profit organization that provides mobile libraries for children in sub-saharan African villages.

These earrings as well as other YDC designs would be the perfect “double” gift for anyone on your shopping list. Give to a friend and to a charity in one swoop!

What are your favorite designs from the YDC shop?

Note: These earrings were provided by YDC. All words and opinions are my own.

Fashion Partner

{Wish I Was Wednesday} SOLO Eyewear


T-Woods | Peacock | Tribal

Have you started your holiday shopping? I can’t believe how quickly we are approaching the end of the year. Today, instead of an artist I admire, I wanted to introduce you to a brand I admire, SOLO Eyewear. Not only are their bamboo shades stylish works of art, but their cause is wonderful too. Every purchase helps fund eye care for people in need. Each pair of sunglasses are handcrafted and prescription friendly! Plus, the ones with designs are hand painted by the artist. Amazing!

So, get your gift sunglasses orders in and feel great about getting shopping done and helping those less fortunate!

They’re offering to you lucky readers get 10% off SOLO Eyewear through 12/31/13 with code: SOLOten. They also offer free shipping to the contiguous US!

Which pair are your favorite?


{Wish I Was Wednesday} Eirian Chapman




{Eirian Chapman} Shop | Tumblr

How freaking awesome are these subjects reimagined as different combs and hair pieces by Eirian Chapman? I love how inventive they are! I kind of wish they were real…

Which is your favorite?

Art Fashion

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Talula Christian




Chanel No. 5 | Poetic License Shoes | Wild Gypsy Woman

{Talula Christian} Facebook | TwitterSociety 6 | Etsy Shop

I have such a soft spot for watercolors by wonderfully talented artists. With fashion, florals, and balloons as subjects, I fall even harder! Talula and I have been in touch recently and I felt like it was the perfect fit for the blog. I wanted to show ya’ll her lovely work.

As a sweet little bonus, Talula Christian is offering readers 20% off anything in her Etsy Shop! Just use this code DAYDREAM at checkout. This code will be valid for a week (10/9/13 – 10/16/13), so start filling up your carts!

I might have to indulge in some of her prints and originals for my office.

Which are your favorite?

Art Fashion

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Jessica Durrant




Pink BowDrops of Gold | Chevron Moment

{Jessica Durrant} Twitter | Shop | Instagram

I’m such a sucker for watercolor + fashion. As I was trying to figure out the perfect art for my office, I stumbled upon Jessica Durrant’s work. I’m loving all the bold colors and minimal details.

Are you a fan of fashion watercolors?

Art Design

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Grady Mcferrin




{Grady Mcferrin} Blog | Twitter

The colorful work of Grady Mcferrin is inspring me today. His whimsical illustrations and hand lettering are a visual treat. I love the color pairings and details.

What’s inspiring you today?

Art Nature Photography Portland Vintage

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Leah Flores



Daydream-In-Color-Wish-I-Was-Wednesday-Leah-Flores-Let's Run-Away


Portland based Leah Flores is inspiring me with her hand lettering combined with retro feel photography for a match made in heaven. A and I used to get excited when we discovered a new place in the neighborhood and beyond and we’d just look at each other and say “Adventure!” (yes, we’re total dorks like that). I definitely need to order some prints, but which ones?

{Leah Flores} Society 6 Shop

Which is your fave?

Art Design Vintage

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Brent Couchman





 {Brent Couchman} Shop

San Francisco based illustrator and designer, Brent Couchman, is making me itching to try my hand at hand lettering. His work’s vintage vibe is fun and fresh. I’m loving his work for Fossil as much as I’m loving his “fun” work!

Have you ever tried hand lettering?

Art Paper

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Béatrice Coron




{Béatrice Coron}

This amazing woman studied art but went on to hold many an odd jobs from shepherdess and truck driver to factory worker and a New York City tour guide. At 40, Béatrice Coron came back to NYC from France to be an artist. Her intricate paper cuttings tell stories. In her statement:

My creative inspiration comes from everything I see and everything I read. For each theme, one story leads to the next, and the creation process weaves different layers of our relations to the universe. In papercutting as in life everything is connected.

I love staring at each piece and imagining their interactions with each other, which is just as she intended!

What interactions today has you thinking?